GE Alexa Lamp Coming; Facebook Reaction Emoji Live for Comments

GE will apparently release its lamp with Alexa in September for $200. The futuristic lamp, which looks a lot like a Dyson bladeless table top fan that lights up, is available now on preorder for a discounted price of $160, according to Besides the obvious stuff you can ask any Alexa device, it has a few new tricks…like ask it the time, and it will place indicators where the hour and minute hands go. It also responds to requests for warmer or cooler light.

You’ve probably already been clicking or tapping and expecting them, and now Facebook has added reaction emoji to comments. reports that they have started showing up for desktop Facebook users. I just tried them out a little while ago…and no, no new ones have been added. So far, it hasn’t gone live on mobile devices. We truly are heading back to the time of ancient Egypt’s hieroglyphics.


Apple TV in Stores Friday; GE Rolls Out Hubless Smart Lightbulbs

They went on preorder earlier this week, and priority deliveries start tomorrow for Apple TV…or, you can swing by an Apple Store and try to buy one. reports that Best Buy, B&H, and other resellers will also have the set top boxes, but check ahead to make sure they’re selling them tomorrow. Best Buy has said they will be stocking them in store by November 4th. Apple TV is $149 for the 32 gig model, $199 for the 64 gig one.

Long time dumb light bulb maker GE is a bit late to the smart bulb party, but is rolling out a pair of smart bulbs today, with one aimed at emulating natural light to help you wake and sleep better. According to, the C Sleep bulb has 3 settings: a bright blue tone to wake you in the morning, a standard orange one for midday, and a softer yellow color for evening. GE says they better match actual lighting outdoors, and you’ll wake easier and get to sleep better with these. They’re controllable via Bluetooth from your smartphone, but you have to be in range…unlike many bulbs you can control remotely from outside the home. The plus is, there’s no hub to buy…you control them directly. The C Sleep bulbs are intended for bedrooms, a C Life model doesn’t have the color range, and it for the rest of the house. Right now, you need to visit GE’s website to buy a starter pack…2-packs will be showing up in stores soon.

DJI Eye in the Sky

The latest DJI Eye in the Sky has….well, eyes. The company has unveiled a drone equipped with a guidance system using stereo cameras and ultrasonic sensors, that allows it to detect objects up to 65 feet away, and keep it at a preconfigured distance. says it’s the Matrice 100 model, and it’s built to be developer friendly and modifiable for various tasks across varying industries. It can fly 20 minutes-longer with an extra battery. No price has been announced yet.

GE Engineers have come up with a way to get more power from wind turbines, without making them so big they can’t be moved across country for installation. The ecoROTR has a 60 foot wide geodesic dome in the center, driving air to thicker…but not longer blades. According to, this makes for a 3% increase in energy production. For an entire wind farm, that will be a significant boost in power generation.

Coffee Joining The Icemaker & Water in Your Fridge Door

If you need a new fridge, would love to reclaim counter space, but need your Kuerig, GE has a deal for you. says the Cafe French Door fridge will have a Kuerig built into the door, starting this fall. Expect to drop $3300!

Microsoft refuses to walk away from smartphones. reports that they introduced two low end Lumia phones today, the 435 and 532. Both will roll out in Europe and Asia first, starting in February.

Nintendo has confirmed the release of their latest handheld system, the 3DS XL for February 13th. says it will be just under $200, and Gamestop is taking preorders today.

A Monitor That Will Focus Without Glasses

Cal Berkeley, MIT, and Microsoft have teamed up to work on an experimental monitor that adjusts, so you don’t need your glasses to see it clearly. If all goes well, it will be out in a couple years for desktops and mobile devices. Because it adjusts to your eyes, no large screens viewed by multiple people are contemplated. reports the next step is a Kinect like system to keep the screen in razor sharp focus even when you move around.

Appliance giant GE adds to the wired home and internet of things. says they’ve had connected ovens, but they were built ins over 3 grand. Now, there are WiFi connected freestanding stove and oven models. Still pricey, but half what the built in ones run. Check on that meal from your smartphone or tablet without ever going into the kitchen!

Apple’s iBeacons are paying off big for advertisers. says Hilshire’s American Craft sausages got a 500% increase in sales using the system.