Intel Will Have An iOS Smartwatch Out Before Apple Does

There’s another smart watch running iOS, and this one’s from Intel owned Basis. says the Peak focuses on health and fitness applications. It’s $199, and out in November. It won’t have email or phone capabilities.

Speaking of iOS, code has showed up in the beta version of 8.1 that indicates iPads are coming with fingerprint readers, Touch ID, and Apple Pay. reports that it’s for in app purchases…nothing about NFC is showing up for iPads.

Google’s next smartphone, code named Shamu, will apparently be 5.9 inches, and run version 5 of Android. says it will be called Nexus 6, not Nexus X, and there’s no sign of a smaller sized model so far.


New GoPro Cameras…Ranging from Faster to Cheaper

Three new models of the ubiquitous GoPro sports camera are out. reports the top one has a touch screen, and can shoot 1080p at 120 feet per second…fast enough to eliminate the ‘rolling shutter’ effect. It’s $499, and a new cheaper model is only $129.

BMO Capital projects that Apple will sell 189 million iPhones in 2015. According to, they also believe Cupertino will deliver a modest 12 million Apple Watches.

Shades of Harry Potter… says researchers at the University of Rochester have figured out how to make an invisibility cloak using inexpensive lenses and some clever math. It works from multiple angles, unlike other systems, but still only from two directions so far.

When Will Apple Watch Be Here?

If you were planning to blow your Christmas money on an Apple Watch, well Happy Valentine’s Day! cites a report from the Information saying the Apple wearable won’t be out until Valentine’s Day or later. Maybe your Valentine will buy you one!

We told you about the Sherlybox months ago, now there’s Wedg…no ‘e,’ another private cloud device. says Wedg is in a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, trying to raise about $220,000.

Just another good reason to make your car payment on time… reports that lenders are installing remote start interrupt devices on cars bought by subprime borrowers…some 25% of new auto loans. With GPS, they can track you, too.

iPhone 6 Getting Conquest Sales from Android

You may have heard Apple sold a record number of iPhone 6’s (10 million since Friday and over the weekend), but here’s something that flew under the radar… says that the week the new Apple phones were announced, trade-in site gazelle saw Android trade-ins triple! reports that the Windows 9 preview that was expected for the Microsoft event September 30th may not actually be released now until October. No word on what the holdup is.

The next Google Nexus 9 tablet could be beautiful. says the 64 bit Android tablet will be made for them by HTC, makers of the gorgeous HTC One (M8). It’s likely to replace the $400 Nexus 10, which has been built by Samsung.

Preorders Starting for the Granddaddy of Phablets

Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note 4, the one that started the phablet craze, goes on sale October 17th. Preorders start tomorrow. says no word yet if it will be joined by the Galaxy Note Edge, with that small right edge display.

U-2’s Bono has let it slip that Apple is working on a new digital music format with them. reports that features of the new format will help musicians to sell more of their music. says that…along with yesterday’s Kindle announcements, Amazon announced Family Library. It lets household members share Books, apps, Prime Instant videos, audiobooks, and games — but no music, movies, or TV shows.

Super Clear Voice Over LTE is Here

Verizon is starting to turn on HD voice and video calling. says if you ordered a shiny new iPhone 6, you’ll be able to use voice over LTE calling for much better voice and video call quality.

It’s not just Google & Amazon chasing drones. reports that Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Air, and all, has put money into 3D Robotics, the drone company started by ex-Wired Editor Chris Anderson.

Worldwide smartphone shipments will hit 1.2 billion this year, according to Juniper Research. says out of that, Apple and Samsung will account for nearly half!

iPhone 6 Preorder Day- A Crashing Success

Apple’s site was plagued with heavy traffic and crashing early Friday morning, and it looks like the larger iPhone 6 Plus is sold out in preorders for now. says Verizon is now quoting mid-October delivery for the phablet, with AT&T saying 35-42 days, the best in 2 years.

There are several apps for ephemeral texts, but Tiiny, with 2 I’s, lets you share little photos that vanish in 24 hours. says the founder is from Google Ventures.

The GoPro camera may be about to get a competitor…according to, HTC may show one October 8th that can connect to a smartphone by either WiFi or Bluetooth.

A Preemptive Strike at Apple Watch From LG

Another tech company makes a preemptive strike at the yet to be released Apple Watch. says LG has cut the price of the G Watch temporarily to $180 at Google Play.

Prime Instant Video from Amazon is now available on Android phones in the US, Britain, and Germany, according to You have to update their app, and download their video player to use it, though.

Microsoft has begun quietly replacing some excessively noisy Xbox One systems. says this is after months of complaints on their official forums.

The Hot Moto 360…Will iWatch Bury It?

With everyone covering the Apple event, here are a few other things that are going on.

AT&T officially announced that it will join Verizon in selling Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch in stores and online, according to It will have to be back in stock…the 360 sold out in 3 hours last week after introduction. The big question now is: will the iWatch avalanche bury it? At least Moto has until early next year to ramp up their sales! reports that Jawbone has opened up its fitness tracking on the Up24 fitness wearable. It will now accept data from Fitbit, Android Wear, and Apple’s HealthKit.

In a year and a half, the phablet has gone from insignificant to 6% of all mobile users. says that medium sized phones still dominate mobile, with 67% of the market, though.

Like Samsung, Moto Tries to Get Out Front of Apple

Motorola’s Moto 360 smart watch, easily the best looking one so far, is out at $250, with a claimed all day battery life. According to, it has to be charged twice a day, though. It is a great looking watch, with styling cues taken from the expensive Mont Blanc Timewalker watches. The watch is already sold out online, but should be restocked, and will be in stores like Best Buy on the 14th.

Also from Motorola is a huge upgrade to the venerable Bluetooth headset. Moto says it’s an ‘earable,’ as it fits entirely in the ear like an earbud. reports the in-ear Moto Hint will not only handle phone calls, but getting directions, quick voice searches, hearing texts, and more. It’s $149, and out this fall.

IBM is working hard to kill the hard drive they invented. says their magnetic ‘racetrack memory’ will increase storage by a power of 100, be faster, and never wear out. Think of a tiny series of magnets, built one atomic layer at a time. A big bonus…it’s cheaper to produce than hard drives or flash memory. No word on how soon it will be in our hands.