More on Next iPhones & iPads; EVs Will Match Gas & Diesel Cars in Ownership Costs by 2022; Uber Adds Public Transit to App; 25% of Our Lives Online is confirming some details we already had, plus revealing some new ones regarding the upcoming iPhones and iPads and iOS 13. As others have reported, they see the hero iPhones getting 3 rear cams, but a new rub…by 2020, it will include a 3D laser cam system that will ‘scan the environment to create three-dimensional reconstructions of the real world. It will work up to about 15 feet from the device.’ This system is different from the Face ID one, which doesn’t use lasers to scan your face. The rear system will enhance augmented reality on the phone, and capture depth better. In addition, the upcoming iPhones should have better zoom and a larger field of view, plus higher resolution.

The iPad Pro will get the same 3D cam system by 2020, too. Refreshed iPads are expected this Spring, and those will include a 10 inch screen replacing the 9.7 inch original size screen. Aside from confirming that Apple is updating the iPad Mini (finally), no additional details on that model.

iOS 13 will get an expanded Dark Mode and the first real revamp to the home screen since the iPhone came out in 2007. One change will be “the ability to tab through multiple versions of a single app like pages in a Web browser” and file-management improvements.

A new report indicates a ‘tipping point’ by 2022, where the cost of owning an EV should equal that of owning a gas or diesel vehicle. says the report is focused on Britain, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t translate over to the US as well. The Deloitte analysis also sees EVs grabbing 10% of the total market by 2024. The voluminous report points out that 20 major cities have already announced plans to ban gas and or diesel cars by 2030.

Uber has just added public transit to its app. According to, it’s only in Denver initially, but people there loading the app today will see a tiny train car with the word ‘transit’ next to it. Tapping it opens a list of bus or train routes as well as expected fare prices and end-to-end directions. Much of the transit data comes from the data firm Moovit. Uber says in a few weeks, users will also be able to buy train tickets within the Uber app, via a partnership with mobile ticketing company Masabi. In addition to adding more cities if this goes well, Uber wants to offer ‘multimodal’ options…where you could hail an Uber to take you to a train station, then board the train with the ticket you bought via the app.

We are spending more and more time online…in fact, up to 6 hours and 42 minutes a day now, according to the Digital 2019 report. The report, covered by, indicates that the US number is slightly under that worldwide one, at 6 hours and 31 minutes. It’s such a relief to know we’re disconnecting for that big 11 minutes a day! The biggest net addicts, according to the report? That would be the folks in the Philippines, where people spend an average of 10 hours and 2 minutes a day! The least sucked in by the net? Japan…at 3 hours and 45 minutes. All the numbers are down slightly from a year ago, so maybe there’s hope for humanity keeping a foot ‘in real life!’


Apple’s Down Quarter, Facebook Paying Teens for Info; Samsung Bows 1 TB Storage Chip for Phones

Apple announced earnings yesterday. According to, they were down less than 1% at $19.9 billion for the quarter…$418 per share, beating the Street by a penny. The interesting item is that iPhone sales by revenue were down 15%. The iPhone still accounts for 60% of Apple sales. Some have attributed this to the higher pricing. Interestingly, sales were off in Europe, greater China, and Japan, but ‘the rest of Asia Pacific (like Australia) and the Americas had increased sales. Apple warned that the next quarter will be soft. As we noted earlier, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts the 2nd half of the year will be at least flat…which compared to other smartphone sellers’ dropping sales and revenue will look good.

Just when you think all the creepy, intrusive stuff about the net is out there, something else bubbles up. reports that Facebook has been secretly paying teenagers about $20 a month to use a VPN app called ‘Facebook Research’, that lets the company have full access to all of their phone and web activity! This app appears to have the same features as Onavo Protect, an app that Facebook had which was pulled from Apple’s App Store last year for violation of privacy policies. This App is downloaded from a separate Facebook URL in order to skirt Apple’s iron hand….although it is running as something under Apple’s Enterprise Certificate program, which is really for internal developer use. Apple has now killed Facebook’s ability to distribute internal iOS apps…so Cupertino ‘is not amused.’ They say Facebook is in clear breach of their agreement. Stay tuned for more fur to fly!

In the ongoing race to get more storage, Samsung has bowed a 1 TB storage chip for smartphones. says it’s a good bet the roomy chip will be introduced in the Galaxy S10. It is the same size as Samsung’s other storage chips, too! It’s likely that the phone with this monster chip will have a crazy high price, but Samsung notes that for those shooting a lot of video and other RAM-hungry applications, it will be a great addition. The Galaxy S10 will debut February 20th.

Apple Claims Huge FaceTime Security Bug Fixed; Echodyne Wants To Test Drone Detecting Radar at Super Bowl; Electrify America Chargers Back Online; Huawei Offered Bonuses for Industrial Espionage; ED Company Hims Soon to Hit Billion Valuation

There was a report that spread like wildfire yesterday that Apple’s FaceTime had a bug which allowed anyone to call your phone or Mac and listen in before you picked up. reports that Apple has temporarily disabled its Group FaceTime feature and they say the bug is squashed. It worked by a person adding themselves to a FaceTime call, and the program thought it was an additional caller joining in on an active Group FaceTime conversation. The group service was disabled at the server side, and Apple says they will fix it on the client side (i.e. your phone and Mac) with a patch later this week. Meanwhile, you may want to disable FaceTime in your iOS settings…or on a Mac by opening FaceTime, going to Preferences, and unchecking ‘Enable this account.’

There have been some scary moments with drones around airports lately. Other venues such as the Super Bowl and major crowd events have been designated ‘no drone zones.’ Now, Echodyne, a startup backed by Bill Gates, has asked for expedited FCC approval to test their drone radar. According to, the inexpensive little radar detectors are the size of a paperback book, but can track a drone at a distance 10 times the length of a football field. The have already tested it in Alaska, North Dakota, Texas, and Virginia. The tests would be run under the guidance and direction of the FBI. Here in the US, as other countries, drones are banned near airports. Air traffic had to be held lately twice near British airports, and also over the weekend a Russian tourist was arrested for flying one near Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport in Israel.

Late last week, VW backed Electrify America shut down all its car chargers nationwide. Now, says they are back online. A cable supplier had reported a possible defect in the liquid-cooled charging cables. After extensive testing, they got the go-ahead, and the chargers are back online.

In an indictment dropped Monday, Chinese electronics giant Huawei was accused of offering bonuses to employees for stealing…in other words, industrial espionage, against US companies. reports that the document specifically noted robotic technologies used for testing smartphones by T-Mobile. The theft described in the indictment goes back to 2012.

Hims is barely over a year old, and will soon be worth a billion bucks, according to Hims sells millennials hair loss products and erectile disfunction medication. Having had a roommate in college who was needing a hairpiece by 25, I get the former but ED meds for millennials? Wait, what? For use as party drugs? Hims sells through the internet, and claims to remove the stigma of men’s health issues by eliminating ‘middlemen’ like pharmacists and doctors. Hims just got another round of $100 million, as they jockey for position with Roman, another consumer men’s health brand…to say nothing of traditional legacy sellers of Viagra and Rogaine.

iPhone Sales Flat 2nd Half of year; Apple’s Car Project-Huge; Facebook Plan to Meld Messenger, WhatsApp, & Instagram; Dropbox Buying HelloSign; Amazon Prime-5X Movies As Netflix

Well-known and generally accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says don’t write off iPhones yet. says Kuo sees sales growth to be mostly flat in the back half of 2019, instead of tanking as some in the market have worried. Kuo correctly predicted the weakness in the holiday quarter, but now says the ‘worst is soon over.’ The analyst predicts that iPhone shipments after March will be higher than the market expects, maybe reaching 180 million units by the end of the year.

It’s been thought that Apple had around 1,000 engineers working at their Project Titan…variously talked about as working on software and hardware for self-driving cars or even about building the mythic Apple self-driving car. According to, Apple laid off or reassigned 200 employees from the division this past week. Now, thanks to a legal case, we know that this is a tiny number, and that Project Titan is…well, more titanic…than generally thought. In the case of an employee arrested by the FBI, it turns out that 2,700 people had access to Project Titan databases, and that 5,000 were ‘disclosed’ on the project…meaning they had official Apple permission to know about it. Most of the workers, btw, were reassigned and not laid off…which sounds like they had just completed the part of the task they were needed for with the self-driving project.

Facebook is apparently planning to meld the back ends of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram…allowing users of the 3 services to message each other. reports that Facebook is already at work tying the back ends of the services together…and adding end-to-end encryption to all. The rub is, for Facebook, you are required to give actual contact info when you join. WhatsApp, for example, has just required a phone number or email. It may be a boon for Facebook and advertisers, and make things easy to message across platform, but you can expect anonymous users of WhatsApp to bail for other platforms.

Dropbox is picking up HelloSign for $230 million, getting set to take on the likes of DocuSign and Adobe. According to, Dropbox says since the workforce is becoming more decentralized, the ability to collaborate and share documents over distance will make the service a plus for the primarily file storage and sharing company. HelloSign claims over 80,000 customers. It is expected that HelloSign will cut it’s partnerships with DocuSign and Adobe when the deal is closed.

If it’s quantity you prefer over quality…don’t ignore Amazon Prime Video. says Prime has a library of 17,461 movies. Netflix, on the other hand has a movie library of 3839, with Hulu featuring only 2336. If it’s new or well-reviewed movies though, Netflix buries the competition. Netflix has 592 Certified Fresh movies (according to Rotten Tomatoes), while Prime Video has just 232…9 more than Hulu. This could all change in a couple years, with so many studios getting ready to launch their own streaming services, but for now…if its quantity…hit Amazon. For quality, stick with Netflix.

Waymo to Build Self-Driving Cars in Michigan; Apple Will Ditch LCD Screens by 2020; Hulu Drops Lower Tier Price; Boeing Tests Autonomous Passenger Aircraft

Waymo has received approval for a factory in Michigan to build driverless cars. says the Alphabet-owned company will produce nothing but level 4 autonomous vehicles in the factory. The location hasn’t been announced any further than ’Southeastern Michigan.’ Waymo may start off by building autonomous packages for other manufacturers’ vehicles…as they have furnished to Fiat Chrysler and Jaguar. They haven’t given any timeline yet for when the first fully autonomous car will roll off the line.

Apple will drop LCD displays all together in 2020. reports that the displays, which are used on lower priced iPhones at this point, will all be replaced by OLED screens like the iPhone XS and XS Max. It’s not clear what this will mean for the pricing on the less expensive XR, which has had an LCD screen, but that phone would have probably gotten a price bump anyway next fall…it’s due to get a second rear cam. Apple has been a major customer of Japan Display for the LCD screens. Now, that company is considering selling itself to Chinese and Taiwanese investors. Japan Display has been partly owned and mostly funded by the Japanese government.

In the wake of Netflix raising prices, Hulu has dropped its base, ad-supported subscription plan to $5.99 a month. According to, the drop form $7.99 will be effective February 26th. Hulu has done $5.99 before, but only as a temporary promotion. They say there will be no increase in ad volume. The $11.99 a month commercial free plan will stay as-is, and the $12.99 Hulu/Spotify combo will as well…that one is billed by Spotify. Hulu IS raising prices for its LIVE TV service…that will go groom $39.99 to $44.99. As for what happens when Disney takes majority ownership of Hulu…anyone’s guess, but Disney isn’t exactly famous for lowering prices!

Boeing has successfully test flown the prototype for their autonomous passenger aircraft. says they could start carrying riders as soon as next year. It’s an electric powered, vertical take off and landing vehicle. The initial flight was just a take off, hover, and landing. Next, they will test winged, forward flight. Switching from VTOL to forward flight mode is considered the most tricky part for high speed VTOL aircraft. The initial craft is 30 feet long and 28 feet wide, and has 8 rotors for vertical lift and a tail rotor to help with forward flight. It is designed to fly fully automatically with a maximum range of 50 miles right now. Boeing says they are testing both two and four passenger models.

3 Samsung Galaxy S10’s; Google Fined $57 Million by France; Tesla To Start Model 3 Euro Deliveries; Facebook-Petition Feature; Google Maps-Beating Speedtraps

Leaked pictures over the weekend show 3 Samsung Galaxy S10 models. According to, all feature and edge-to-edge display, with a small cutout air the upper right for the camera. The midrange version will have a 6.1 inch display and 3 rear cams, the ‘cheapie’ will sport a 5.8 inch screen with 2 rear cams, and the hero model will have a 6.4 inch display, and 2 front cams in addition to the 3 rear ones. All are expected to have an in-display fingerprint scanner. All the new phones will be rolled out at the Unpacked Galaxy S10 event on February 20th at 11am Pacific at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.

Google has been nicked for $57 million in fines by the French data privacy body, CNIL, for failing to comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. reports that the CNIL fined Google for ‘lack of transparency, inadequate information, and lack of valid consent regarding the ads personalization.’ Google hasn’t confirmed, but it is widely thought that they will appeal the fine.

On the topic of the EU, Tesla has received clearance to start delivering Model 3 in Europe. says they will start with the long range battery version in February. The long range battery version is a pricey Model 3, and may cushion Tesla’s starting to sell the lower cost model of the car in the US, which Elon Musk has said is crucial to the company’s long term viability. Selling the costlier model in the EU should help the company make a profit in the next quarter, while selling the cheaper models.

Facebook is launching Community Actions, a new newsfeed feature. According to, the feature will allow for petitions to unite neighbors to request change from their local and national elected officials and government agencies. Anyone think this feature will be a ripe hunting grounds for trolls and troll farms? The idea of the petition feature is to get people to click the ‘Support’ button and get it to go viral. With today’s sophisticated trolls, ‘viral’ may be a good term to use for this feature. Be careful, and stay tuned!

Google has added new features to its Google Maps app. says they are rolling out speed limit and speed trap features. The speed limit sign will show up as a little sign icon in the left lower corner. Speed cameras will show up as red icons, and there will even be an audible warning. Police agencies will love this! Ironically, the feature was first reported by!

Netflix Bumping Up Prices; NBCUniversal to Stream; Tesla Portable EV Charger; FAA to Allow Drones at Night and Over Crowds

Brace for the howls of anger and anguish…Netflix is raising fees. According to, even the entry level plan, which Netflix held at $8 a month last time around, will get a bump of a buck to $9. The most popular plan…that gives you high def streams on up to two internet connected devices simultaneously, will jump from $11 to $13 per month. The premium ultra high def plan will increase from $14 to $16 a month. Last time Netflix raised fees, they lost 600,000 subscribers. It’s worth noting that they now have 58 million subscribers in the US and another 79 million outside the US, so they probably figure they can afford to lose a half million or million disgruntled customers. Grrr. (Yeah, I’ll grouse and pay the difference.)

NBC Universal will launch a streaming service in 2020. Unlike a lot of streamers, reports that this one will be primarily ad supported…although they plan to offer it for a fee to non-subscribers. It will be free to NBCU pay-cable subscribers in the US, like Comcast. It will also be available to Sky subscribers in the EU…together that’s about 52 million subscribers. It’s expected to feature original content and of course their own programming, as well as that of outside partners. NBCU has said it’s pulling its offerings from Netflix in 2021…this is a big reason why. NBCU feels that by offering it as a free add on to their cable and sat customers, it will give them a fighting chance against the likes of Netflix, which has a giant head start on NBC as well as Amazon, Hulu, Fox Nation and the upcoming Apple and Disney services.

Tesla has rolled out their first non-hardwired wall connector with a NEMA 14-50 plug to charge your EV (presumably a Tesla.) In English, a NEMA 14-50 plug is one that will plug into a 240 volt outlet like for your stove or electric dryer. The big feature of this one is that it can be taken with you if you move. It can charge the cars 25% faster than the Tesla Gen 2 Mobile connector (which comes standard with Model S, Model X, and Model 3 cars.) says it runs $500, but since you don’t need an electrician to install it, it is a cheaper alternative to the hardwired home charger….and you can easily take it if you move.

OK, what could possibly go wrong? The FAA has proposed relaxing drone rules, and allowing those under 55 lbs to fly at night and over crowds of people. Up to now, night flights have only been allowed on a case-by-case basis. reports that the drone makers will have to certify that if the vehicles fall, it will be with a Federal Aviation Agency maximum amount of kinetic energy of either 11 or 25 foot-pounds, depending on the situation. Oh, I’m so relieved to hear that! A final rule could be in place in 12-18 months.

New iPod Touch Coming; Pandora Launches Voice Assistant; Googlers Protest Arbitration on Twitter; Court Rules Against Forced Biometric Unlocking

It appears that Apple may not be ready to retire the iPod Touch quite yet. The venerable music player hasn’t been updated since 2015, but apparently Apple is working on a revised version. The thought is, it’s a way to keep people in the Mac ecosystem and sell more services…which Apple wants to do with iPhone sales (and all smartphones for that matter) softening. says Apple may switch the 2019 iPhones to USB C, as they have already done with the iPad Pros.

What the world needs right now is another voice assistant. Well, maybe not, but we are getting one anyway! Pandora has just launched their own in-app voice assistant on Android and iOS using the ‘Hey Pandora’ command. reports that the voice assistant will make it easier for users to control stations, and perform common actions within the app. It will supposedly be accurate enough to respond well to ‘play something for my workout,’ or ‘play something I like’. The voice assistant will be live today to a small subset of users, and rolling out more widely over the next couple months.

Google employs are holding a Twitter protest today about forced arbitration agreements…common in the tech industry and widely used across business and industry to stay out of court and hold costs down. The Tweetstorm will emphasize ‘how forced arbitration denies 60 million Americans access to their civil rights.’ A little insight into binding arbitration: Most companies use arbitration clauses to force employees into binding arbitration when a dispute arises. This saves them big money by avoiding court. The pitch is, they use private judges, and the judge acting as the arbitrator hears both sides and renders a non-appealable decision. A very lopsided majority of such decisions go to the employer. Why would that be? The judges are all retired judges picking up a little extra cash, but should be fair…right? Since the companies pay the fees to the judges…which are often much more than they could make an hour practicing law, and since they are human, they know where their bread is buttered, and usually find for the companies paying the freight. According to, the Tweetstorm will be going until 6pm Eastern tonight @endforcedarb and with the hashtag #EndForcedArbitration.

A federal court has ruled that the government can’t get a warrant granting permission to turn up at a house allegedly connected to a criminal suspect, seize all digital devices, and force those found at the house to use biometrics to unlock the devices. says the court held that the government request ‘runs afoul of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments,’ and the protections therein against unreasonable searches and self-incrimination. The judge held that such a request was ‘over broad.’ The court cited a Supreme Court decision from 2018 known as Carpenter. It is likely that this decision will be kicked back up the court system by the government.

Cadillac shows Pic of 1st EV; Ford Hybrid Explorer SUV; Quarterly Smartphone Production to Drop 19%-Credit Suisse; New Twitter Beta

Cadillac has dropped a pic of its first EV platform. The GM division didn’t give a name or details, but the Caddy EV will be the first to use the so-called ‘BEV3’ platform that will eventually be used across the GM lines for EVs. Interestingly, Cadillac president Steve Carlisle (as quoted by said “The architectural design will allow the battery packs to fit into the vehicle like ice cubes in an ice cube tray, you can put in as much water as you want to make as many cubes as you need — the tray still takes up the same space in the freezer.” A modular battery pack enables different range vehicles to be built on the same line…and may allow for upgrades at dealerships. No word on when the Caddy EV will be out, but they did announce they will be rolling out new models at the rate of one every 6 months through 2021.

Ford is adding a hybrid Explorer to their SUV line, coming in 2020. According to, it’s loaded with tech, and importantly to people that buy SUVs…won’t lose space in the back to haul stuff thanks to stashing the battery pack under the 2nd row seats. The hybrid will have 318 combined horsepower and a range of 500 miles. It will have a 10 speed hybrid modular transmission and liquid cooled lithium-ion battery.

In the aftermath of Apple cutting iPhone production, now Credit Suisse predicts overall smartphone production will drop 19% this quarter. reports that such a drop will make it the lowest level of production since 2013. The bank warned that they don’t see a bottom in sight. As with Apple, the softening China market is a big part of the culprit. On the plus side, refreshed iPhones should sell better in China and everywhere this Fall…especially with the rumors that Apple will add a third rear camera to the top line phone, and a 2nd cam to the iPhone XR replacement. Of course, there are already some phones out that have FIVE rear cameras.

Twitter is going to launch a new beta in the next few weeks, using a standalone app for a select group of users. says it will focus on a new design for the way conversations are Threaded. One big experiment in the beta will be color coded replies….one color for people you follow, another for others, and a third for your replies through the thread. Beta testers will also be able to mark replies that branch off so they can come back to those later and follow threads or sub-threads that have information of interest to them. Interestingly, the heart for liking and arrows for re-Tweeting don’t show up until you click on a Tweet…to give a cleaner flow as you scroll through the timeline.

Samsung Will Show Galaxy S10 & Announces Unpacked; Google Adds Activity Cards to Search; Apple Says Biggest Impact Will Be On Health; Tesla Roadster Will Hover

Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S10 at a Galaxy Unpacked event on February 20th…a week prior to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. According to, Samsung Newsroom confirms the event will take place in San Francisco at 11am at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. They will reportedly show off a fully functional folding phone, as well as 3 versions of the Galaxy S10. A higher-end 4th model will drop later in the spring and have 5G connectivity.

Google is adding ‘activity cards’ to help your search on mobile. reports that it will pop up a related activity drop down menu to give you a leg up on previous searches- to either start where you left off or avoid repeating something you already found. You can mark a page to check later by touching the activity card link. The feature is rolling out today in the US.

In an interview (with CNBC), Apple’s Tim Cook says Apple’s greatest contribution to mankind will be its contribution to health care. says Cook expanded on this by saying “Because our business has always been about enriching people’s lives. And as we’ve gotten into healthcare more and more through the Watch and through other things that we’ve created with ResearchKit and CareKit and putting your medical records on the iPhone, this is a huge deal.” It’s worth noting that it’s also a huge deal because $3.5 trillion was spent on healthcare in 2017, according to Uncle Sam. That’s a pretty enormous market for Apple to tap!

Elon Musk is noted for saying and Tweeting some outrageous things. A fair number of those things have actually happened, too. Musk had said that the new Tesla Roadster would incorporate a ‘SpaceX package’ that will include cold air thrusters. Now, he’s added a claim that the car will actually be able to hover over the ground! reports that Tesla is trying to get the vehicle to market by 2020. If you want one, the $200,000 version requires a $50,000 deposit, and the $250,000 Founders Series takes a heart-stopping $250,000 deposit…the fun price in advance!