DJI Eye in the Sky

The latest DJI Eye in the Sky has….well, eyes. The company has unveiled a drone equipped with a guidance system using stereo cameras and ultrasonic sensors, that allows it to detect objects up to 65 feet away, and keep it at a preconfigured distance. says it’s the Matrice 100 model, and it’s built to be developer friendly and modifiable for various tasks across varying industries. It can fly 20 minutes-longer with an extra battery. No price has been announced yet.

GE Engineers have come up with a way to get more power from wind turbines, without making them so big they can’t be moved across country for installation. The ecoROTR has a 60 foot wide geodesic dome in the center, driving air to thicker…but not longer blades. According to, this makes for a 3% increase in energy production. For an entire wind farm, that will be a significant boost in power generation.


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