Yes, ‘Tis the Season

With really only 4 days until Christmas, the malls around the Bay Area are jumping, shoppers are jamming the roads around them, and it seems to all the world like some of them only get in a car at this time of the year, and have forgotten all they ever knew about operating a motor vehicle!

With rain hitting the area the next 3 days, and a major storm clobbering the Midwest, keep those people in mind as you motor around…whether commuting to and from work, shopping yourself, or sneaking off for a long holiday vacation.

We won’t really know probably until January how good the holiday shopping season has gone, but all anecdotal signs seem to point to a pretty good one. After a rough last few years, don’t be surprised at your local merchants if they seem to be humming strains of Stan Freberg’s ‘Green Christmas.’