Samsung Joins Apple Chasing the In Store Beacon Biz

Not wanting to cede mall business entirely to Apple’s iBeacon, Samsung has introduced Proximity. says unlike Apple’s iBeacon, which takes an app, Samsung will serve in store ads on the system level. reports that LG has snagged it’s highest ever market share in North America…16.3 percent. That’s more than double the 7.4 of a year ago, and mainly due to the LG G-3 flagship phone.

Chip suppliers for the Apple Watch are gearing up to start production. Apple picked up a report from DigiTimes that says indications are for 30 to 40 million Apple Watches. It’s expected out in the spring.

A Monitor That Will Focus Without Glasses

Cal Berkeley, MIT, and Microsoft have teamed up to work on an experimental monitor that adjusts, so you don’t need your glasses to see it clearly. If all goes well, it will be out in a couple years for desktops and mobile devices. Because it adjusts to your eyes, no large screens viewed by multiple people are contemplated. reports the next step is a Kinect like system to keep the screen in razor sharp focus even when you move around.

Appliance giant GE adds to the wired home and internet of things. says they’ve had connected ovens, but they were built ins over 3 grand. Now, there are WiFi connected freestanding stove and oven models. Still pricey, but half what the built in ones run. Check on that meal from your smartphone or tablet without ever going into the kitchen!

Apple’s iBeacons are paying off big for advertisers. says Hilshire’s American Craft sausages got a 500% increase in sales using the system.

Bye, Bye ‘Feature Phones’

The so-called ‘feature phone’ is all but gone. says ARM expects a billion entry level smartphones by 2018- twice as many as are shipping now- and $20 Android smartphones coming later this year! They don’t expect manufacturing scale to allow anything much cheaper…but that ought to be cheap enough! reports that Walgreens and retail giant Walmart are testing Apple’s iBeacon indoor positioning system. Walgreens already has them in 10 test stores. Walmart says 90% of retail still happens in store, and has to do with proximity. says LinkedIn has shut down its CardMunch business card scanning app, and has partnered with Evernote for card scanning. Just a month ago, Evernote added the ability to reach out to LinkedIn connections without leaving the Evernote app. The updated Evernote app is already out for iOS, but Android is still ‘coming soon.’