Android’s Billion Phone Year

A huge milestone has been passed by Android. says there were a billion Android smartphones shipped in 2014. Strategy Analytics says they had expected the billion number, but only with tablets added in. China was a big help to pushing that number…sales there have doubled since 2012.

Over at Apple, an updated version of iTunes was just released. reports that version 12.1 includes a new widget that lets you see what’s playing, skip ahead, and buy songs right from the widget.

DARPA, the folks that basically gave us the internet, has a new futuristic project. says they are developing new tech that lets robots learn from YouTube videos! The idea is to teach the machines not only to collect data, but how to act on it. Don’t expect the rise of the machines to happen any time soon, though!

Full Microsoft Office Hits Android and iOS

Office for Android is completely live. Microsoft announced on their official blog that the ‘Preview’ has been lifted, and you can download free Office apps from the Google Play Store. Outlook is also now full featured for iOS on the Apple App Store. You do need an Office 365 subscription though.

MIT startup SolidEnergy may have cracked the code for better smartphone battery life. says they’ve built a lithium-ion battery with an ultra thin anode and special electrolyte that can double battery life…and it will be out this year!

Scientists at University of Rochester have developed super water repellant metal and other materials using lasers. reports that earlier chemical treated surfaces tended to lose the repellency, but this can’t be rubbed off.

The Next HTC Flagship Phone Will Be Two

Leaked renderings show the upcoming HTC One M9…code named Hima. says usually reliable Evan Blass sees a regular and a ‘plus’ size, and the regular one doesn’t have a hardware home button.

It helped sales before, so Motorola is again discounting the Moto X. According to, it will be $140 off February 2nd through Valentine’s Day…the same price as Moto had Cyber Monday.

With all the hoopla about Apple’s sales and earnings, here’s something that slipped under the radar. says Google Play downloads are growing, but Apple’s App Store still commands 70% of digital storefront revenue.

Connected Home: Mattress Pad, Meet Thermostat

From Luna, there’s a smart mattress cover that tracks your sleep. The next says that although many gadgets can do that, this $179 mattress pad also can connect with Nest thermostats and adjust the heat in your home. reports that Alaska Air is phasing out their digEplayer, and will rent out Windows powered Toshiba tablets for 8-10 bucks for long haul flights. They’ll have an array of movies, Xbox games, music, and magazines. Free for first class, of course.

Secure chat app Wickr has added the ability to save photos and share with up to 151 friends securely for 24 hours on Facebook. says your friends logged into Wickr will see your post…others will just see random cat pictures!

Snapchat Adds Non-Disappearing Content

Snapchat is readying to start publishing original videos and articles…a feature that was delayed from implementing last fall. says the service, famous for self-deleting pictures that vanish in seconds, will launch its ad supported ‘Discover’ service late this month. In addition to original pieces from their own journalists and video producers, they will have content from CNN, ESPN, and Vice.

One of the great drags on electric car sales is the fear of running out of battery power. reports that BMW and VW have partnered with Chargepoint to create charging corridors. In the deal, Chargepoint will deploy at least 100 chargers along the East and West coasts. These will be able to fast charge, getting an electric vehicle up to 80% charge in less than a half hour. The plan is to have no more than a 50 mile gap between stations, and have them in place by the end of the year.

If proof was needed to show how badly people want to get away from Windows 8 iterations, 170,000 have signed up since Microsoft’s event this week to be Windows Insider beta testers for the upcoming Windows 10. says that’s a 10% bump since the program started last fall. A lot of people are at least WANTING to love Windows.

The Smaller Phone Carriers Duke It Out

The carrier wars have escalated. A day after T-Mobile rolled out a program letting loyal customers avoid credit checks, Sprint has unveiled one guaranteeing any T-Mobile customer $200 credit for a working and activated T-Mobile smartphone. says it’s still not as sweet a deal as Sprint offers switchers from AT&T and Verizon.

According to, the upcoming Apple Watch, currently seeing much hand wringing over lack of battery life, will actually be more powerful than the first iPad. Meanwhile, Apple has hired Burberry’s VP of Digital Retail Initiatives. Chester Chipperfield is expected to help reorganize part of Apple’s stores to feature the watch.

Scientists have developed self-destructing nano-bots and implanted them in mice. reports that they are first being used to treat peptic ulcers and other stomach disorders. They can survive the gastrointestinal tract long enough to release medication, then destroy themselves without leaving any trace of harmful chemicals behind. You won’t be turning into a Borg for a while, yet!

Amazon Rolls Out Answer to Apple iBooks Author says Amazon has released it’s Kindle Textbook Creator. A beta that will help educators get their materials onto Kindles is out today. Unlike Apple’s iBooks Author, the Amazon tool can create publications for Android, iPads, Macs, and PCs.

Apple has patented a smarter smart cover. Apple reports that users could access information by partially opening the smart cover, or use gestures on it to control iPads inside. It could mean less physical buttons on future iPads.

It sounds si-fi, but researchers at UC Riverside, Georgia Institute of Technology, and in China have developed a keyboard that converts strokes into energy, protects your computer from hackers, and is self-cleaning. says no word on when it might be on the market.