Microsoft Surface 3 Grows Up

Microsoft has just unveiled the latest version of their Surface 3 tablet. The says the $499 tablet may have cracked the code this time…it has an Intel Atom chip instead of an ARM processor, and will run full Windows 8.1 and apps like the Surface Pro or a laptop. reports that Amazon has launched a dedicated STEM toy shop. Toys for all ages focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math skills are featured.

WhatsApp has been updated for Android. According to, you can now make and receive voice calls. It’s in the Google Play store now. WhatsApp says an iOS version will be out in a few weeks.


Samsung Rumored to Be Looking At Buying AMD

Samsung’s future smartphones and tablets could have graphics that really scream. says they are rumored to be about to acquire AMD…the chip and graphics card maker. The Radeon graphics card tech would be particularly appealing to Samsung. AMD also has a large patent portfolio.

Yahoo and Microsoft have agreed to a 30 day extension to the deadline to renegotiate a ten year search deal. According to, the original 10 year deal made in 2010 allowed for changes or termination after 5 years. Even with the partnership, Google still controls about 2/3 of the search market, and both Yahoo and Microsoft have been disappointed with their combined 30 percent.

This could be an actual lifesaver for cyclists. reports that Volvo has developed a special reflective spray paint that is only visible at night. Dubbed ‘Lifepaint,’ the washable material lasts about 10 days. It’s completely invisible until hit by the glare of headlights, then it glows. Besides bikes, it can be applied to clothes, helmets, shoes, and backpacks. It’s been rolled out in Kent and London, United Kingdom first, and if it does well will be offered here.

Google-Virtual Reality Right On Your Eyeballs!

Google-owned Magic Leap has posted a video demoing how they are putting together an augmented reality capable of displaying extremely realistic images directly on users’ retinas. says it’s not clear from the video what is working product and what’s still a concept, but it looks pretty amazing.

This may be the coolest thing for your kitchen counter ever…better than that coffee maker that makes lattes and cappuccinos. According to, Somabar has a $430 robotic bartender in the works. It began as a kickstarter, and uses remeasured ingredients from pods like a coffeemaker. It’s not up to matching a good human bartender, but it’s a start.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are out before long here, and preorders start the 27th, with the launch on April 10th. reports that Best Buy might be the best deal…they will apparently offer a free wireless charger that normally sells for $49.99.

Coming With Apple TV Update

The next version of Apple TV should make its debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. says it will sport a new faster processor, more storage, Siri and HomeKit integration. They are likely to reveal more about their streaming TV service at WWDC, and preview an App Store just for Apple TV.

If you are really considering a smart watch, but worry about the poor battery life most have, reports that Vector has a couple models available for preordering now. They claim 30 days of battery life for both the rectangular and round dial versions. A ‘sensor activated notification system’ pulls up notifications with the flick of a wrist. They sell for between $244 and $425.

According to tech, next week at their F8 developer conference, Facebook will announce new ways for third parties to offer experiences through its messenger app. Facebook is wanting to turn Messenger into a freestanding platform.

Swiss Luxury Watch Maker Joins the Smartwatch World

The Swiss are getting into the smart watch market in a big way. Ahead of the Apple Watch drop, Tag Heuer has unveiled a luxury smart watch. says it’s got Intel inside, and runs Android. It looks just like a real Carrera, and could be on wrists by fall.

Streaming music sales have gone from 5% of the market 5 years ago to 27 percent last year. reports that stream sales hit $1.87 billion in 2014, slipping by CDs, which took in $1.85 billion. Digital downloads like iTunes dropped again, but still accounted for a whopping $2.58 billion!

Right now, it’s just in New York, but there’s an app out called OpenStreetCab that both Uber and the cab companies hate. According to, it compares, and tells you which is the cheapest. The data so far suggests it’s Uber for longer rides, cabs for a shorter one.

Uh-Oh ‘Butterfingers’ Program For All on HTC One M9 and M8

In an effort to get people to switch to their handsets, HTC has announced the ‘Uh-Oh’ program for the One M9 that launches in a couple weeks. If you break your phone, they’ll replace it free for the first 365 days. says HTC will extend the coverage to the M8 after the M9 launches, too.

Windows 10 is coming this summer from Microsoft, sooner than most expected. According to, Windows Hello will be able to use your face, fingerprints, or iris scanning, instead of a password or PIN number. The biometric data is local, so hackers can’t grab it as it travels over the web.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile system, iOS 8 is now on 77% of its mobile devices, ahead of the Apple Watch release next month. reports that upcoming
update 8.3 has more Emoji characters and more languages for Siri.

Dyson Hoovers Up Battery Co. That Doubles Battery Life

We reported earlier about some innovative batteries that double the life of Lithium Ion batteries. Now, reports that Dyson has vacuumed up Skati3, the company that makes them. Look for the solid state batteries in Dyson’s portable vacuums, and later in smartphones and other gadgets.

Google’s Chromecast has made your smartphone into a really great TV remote…but what if you left it in the other room? According to, you can use your infrared TV remote to pause and un-pause streaming videos.It works on MOST streams and MOST TVs.

Nintendo is finally poised for something of a comeback. says they’re going really big into mobile games, joining Sega and Square. Even with free apps, mobile games make a mint from in-app purchases…as Sega and Square have discovered.

Apple Watch Clones and Knock Offs Already On Sale

Last week, Apple rolled out the Apple Watch, and within a day, counterfeit versions were on the streets in China. Now, says there are knockoffs in stores and online. One shown on Alibaba is the Airwatch A8 smart wearable watch. It’s a dead ringer, but runs Android, shoots photos and video, and uses a SIM card for independent calling. It’s $76.

There’s not much more frustrating than lines at the airport. reports that Cincinnati International Airport is using a tracking system that picks up the MAC addresses of smartphones anonymously, and has allowed them to cut time in security lines by a third. 20 other airports around the world are using the tech from Blip Systems.

Microsoft cut prices on the Xbox One and beat out Sony during the Christmas season, but now Sony has come roaring back, with the Playstation 4 outselling the Xbox in both January and February. According to, those two new generation game systems have outsold their predecessors by 60% so far.

iPhone Fitness App Won’t Activate Until You Pair With Apple Watch

A developer has discovered that the Fitness app does exist on iPhones in iOS 8.2. says it apparently doesn’t appear until you pair the phone with Apple Watch…then you get a comprehensive overview of your daily activity and workout history. Apple has been pushing health and fitness as a prime reason to spring for the watch, which is out April 24th.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant is apparently coming to Android and iOS. According to, it may be ready to drop along with the desktop version when Windows 10 is released this fall. The managing director of the Einstein project, which is building it, says it can read and understand email.

Electricity in the air? Yes, and not just a figure of speech. Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have just used microwaves to send 1.8 kilowatts of electricity 180 feet through the air to a device! notes that’s enough to power a microwave oven! An eventual goal is to transmit solar energy collected and converted to electricity in space down to the surface where we can use it!

Mystery Color & Maybe Third Model of Galaxy S6

There’s a lot of buzz about Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and most features are known, but it looks like Samsung has ‘one more thing.’ says in addition to white, black, pale gold, and either ‘blue topaz’ for the S6 or ‘green emerald’ on the Edge, a mystery 5th color will be revealed later…and maybe a third model!

Apple is moving on the internet of things. A new patent shows an iPhone dock with audio, wireless, a touch sensitive display, and proximity sensors. According to, it’s a future control center for your connected Apple home.

Last week, the new Macbook rolled out with just one port…the reversible USB Type C. Now, reports that Google is very committed to the multi-use port, and it may be showing up on Android phones and Chromebooks in the very near future.