A Monitor That Will Focus Without Glasses

Cal Berkeley, MIT, and Microsoft have teamed up to work on an experimental monitor that adjusts, so you don’t need your glasses to see it clearly. If all goes well, it will be out in a couple years for desktops and mobile devices. Because it adjusts to your eyes, no large screens viewed by multiple people are contemplated. Geek.com reports the next step is a Kinect like system to keep the screen in razor sharp focus even when you move around.

Appliance giant GE adds to the wired home and internet of things. Cnet.com says they’ve had connected ovens, but they were built ins over 3 grand. Now, there are WiFi connected freestanding stove and oven models. Still pricey, but half what the built in ones run. Check on that meal from your smartphone or tablet without ever going into the kitchen!

Apple’s iBeacons are paying off big for advertisers. Bgr.com says Hilshire’s American Craft sausages got a 500% increase in sales using the system.