The September 9 Apple Event & More

The expected invite is out to the tech press…with the usual Apple cryptic slant…
it gives the widely expected date of September 9th, and then ‘Wish we could say more.’ Apple is building a huge 3 story structure next to the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, which was, as pointed out by and others, the location where Steve Jobs showed the original Mac 30 years ago.

With all the buzz that Apple will show the iWatch along with the iPhone 6 September 9th, both Samsung and LG have unveiled more smart watches now. says LG has revealed the G Watch R, and Samsung it’s Gear S. notes that the Gear S has virtually identical specs to Apple’s iPhone 4S!

Ever wonder if your tweets are getting noticed? reports that Twitter has rolled out analytics to everyone that used to be only or advertisers and verified users. Click the gear at the top for more info. This reporter had a huge spike in impressions last Sunday, after the Napa 6.0 earthquake.

Dyson has been teasing a secret gadget they’re working on with a YouTube video. says it’s probably a robot vacuum cleaner. Early this year, Dyson put 8 million in a lab that helps robots understand the world around them.


Thinner Apple Laptops Coming

According to, Apple will launch a thinner Macbook by the end of the year or early 2015. The 13 inch non-retina Macbook Pro will be retired at that point.

Dropbox just announced that Dropbox Pro is being consolidated from 3 price tiers to just one. reports that it’s $9.99 a month for a massive 1 TB of storage, plus remote wipe and password protected guest files. says London is trying out inductive charging stations at bus stops for their electric and hybrid busses. If it works well, it could be huge. Imagine San Francisco streets without the overhead wires currently there for electric busses.

More Fingerprint Fun from Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be rolled out next week. says it will feature the fingerprint sensor from the Galaxy S5. There are a couple new features with the sensor, including using it to launch apps right from the lock screen. reports that Microsoft has dropped the price by $100 on the Surface 2 RT tablet through September 27 or while supplies last. It’s not clear if it’s to make way for a new model, or if the Surface 2 RT will be dropped.

Google has added native Microsoft Office editing to its iOS productivity apps, and Launched Slides for iOS. says the productivity suite can now open, edit, and save Microsoft apps on iOS, Android, Chrome, and on the web.

iPhone Bargains?

If you don’t have to have the latest and greatest, Walmart has dropped prices on the 16 gig iPhone 5C to 97 cents, and the 5S to $79. says it’s only temporary, clearing inventory before the iPhone 6 launches, and is for all carriers but T-Mobile.

Microsoft will hold an event to roll out Windows 9 on September 30th, according to It will replace the widely panned Windows 8, and bring back a mini start menu and remove the Charms bar.

Twitter for iOS has a new feature. says you can now watch a video in a mini player window while continuing to scroll through your news feed. It only applies to videos that use Twitter’s in-app video player, though.

A Great Smartphone Gets Windows

It’s one of the best smartphones around right now, and tech says Verizon will start selling an exclusive HTC One M8 running Windows instead of Android. It will include Microsoft’s Windows Phone personal assistant, Cortana.

Symantec is trimming the Norton line to a single security suite. reports that Norton Security drops September 23rd, and will combine their antivirus and internet security products. You can register up to 3 devices across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It will retail for about 80 bucks, but expect to see it discounted. says Facebook is testing out adding stickers to newsfeed comments like people presently can drop into private messages. Prepare to either be delighted or annoyed!

Microsoft & HP Set to Take On Chromebooks

Microsoft isn’t ready to cede the super low laptop market to Chromebooks. They’ve partnered with HP on the HP Stream 14…a $199 Windows laptop. says it will have 100 gigs of storage on Microsoft’s OneDrive servers for 2 years and will be out this year.

A nearly bezel free smartphone is coming from Sharp. According to, they will sell an Aquos Crystal model with a 5 inch screen, and possibly the 5.5 inch model on Sprint’s system. No bezel makes the screen seem bigger, and they will use Harmon Kardon audio.

If you have a pickup or van and want to make some extra cash, check out Buddytruk. says think Uber or Lyft for moving…peer to peer via an app. It’s just in LA, but will be expanding soon to other large cities.

The Connected Home Continues to Grow

The internet of things and connected home are alive and well at Home Depot. says the home improvement giant now has over 600 ‘smart devices’ in stock, and is pushing the Wink home hub platform.

50 Cent’s SMS Audio has just announced BioSport In-Ear, wired earbuds with biometric capabilities to record heart rate during your workout using built-in optical sensors. They will be on sale by 4th quarter.

The Windows phone isn’t doing much, but Microsoft is still trying. says they’ve developed a way to modify regular smartphone cameras to take 3D pictures, by letting infrared light through. No word yet on when this might be in your hands.

Next Generation iPads

The next generation iPads are in the works. says they’ll be out by Christmas, and the big one will feature an anti-reflective coating for better outdoor viewing. reports that Verizon sees phones running exclusively on the 4G LTE network by 2016. Right now, most carriers run your data on LTE, but voice on the older 3G networks. Expect features like clearer voice calls and a cloud based VIDEO address book!

The creators of Siri have founded a startup called Viv Labs. says they’re working on a virtual assistant that listens like a human. You’ll be able to ask more complicated and long-winded questions, and speak to it more naturally.

Selfie iPhone Planned?

Don’t expect it on the iPhone 6, but says Apple has patented a front facing camera that lurks inside the speaker port and has a flash. Your selfies will be amazing!

If you are going overseas, and want to check out places on Yelp, the updated iOS app will translate reviews on the fly. reports the translation is powered by Bing.

People may file business cards, or toss them in a drawer. notes that a Kickstarter called SwivelCard is perforated, and has a USB interface…users plug it in, and it loads your website. They’re $289 for 200, and ship in October.

A Smartwatch NOT Coming From a Tech Company

It’s not just tech companies chasing the smart watch market. AT&T has announced the Timex GPS One Plus. says it’s powered by Qualcomm, and will synch running data and handle short messages. It’s $400, and has a year of free 3G service.

There’s more from Twitter…they may be adding e-commerce. A dormant setting for ‘payment and shipping’ has showed up in the Android app. reports that some have also seen a Buy Now button in tweets.

No chords OR batteries may be the future. Apple has patented a way to power keyboards and mice magnetically. says it will run accessories up to 3 feet away from the computer.