Samsung Looks Like Apple’s Primary OLED Screen Supplier; Microsoft Planning 2 New Flagship Phones

There’s been a lot of buzz that Apple will move to OLED screens, like a number of Android phones have and as Apple uses in the Apple Watch. Now, reports that a deal is all but signed for Samsung to supply the bulk of OLED iPhone screens. Don’t look for a screen with the more vivid color and deeper blacks in the iPhone 7, though…they’re unlikely to get the new screens into a phone before 2018.

Every now and again, Microsoft does something to remind the world that they still make smartphones. According to, Redmond may be planning a pair of flagship phones, which they’ll show next month at Mobile World Congress. The Lumia 850 would replace the 830, and there’s a 750 to take over for the 735. Microsoft appears to be keeping the 950, which came out in October. No details on the 750, but the 850 will have a 5.5 inch screen, Qualcomm processor, and 2 gigs of RAM.


Microsoft’s Rollout Event

Today in New York, Microsoft showed their latest and greatest in Lumia phones, Surface Tablets, Microsoft Band 2, Xbox, and Hololens. First off, a new custom Halo 5 Xbox with a Terabyte of storage…that’s out October 20th for $499. The Hololens will have what Microsoft calls Console Class Graphics. It puts virtual game enemies right in your room, and is untethered…no wires, phones, or PC connection needed. According to, Microsoft is taking applications for a Hololens development kit, and it should be out 1st quarter of next year for $3000.

Microsoft Band 2 is more circular, and has a curved Gorilla Glass 3 OLED screen. It has Built in GPS, UV monitoring, sleep and calorie tracking, a barometer to track elevation, and Cortana elevation. For golf, it knows if you’re putting, doing practice swings, or crushing the ball down the fairway! It works across iOS, Android, and Windows. It’s $249, and out October 30th. Trick or Treat!

The Lumia 5.2 inch 950 and 5.7 950 XL smartphones feature adaptive antenna tech, octacore and hexacore processors, and liquid cooling tech. There’s a 20 megapixel camera, better image stabilization, triple LED flash, and a dedicated camera button. 32 gigs of storage and USB C connector. They recharge to 50% in 30 minutes. The new Lumias run full Windows 10, and will be out in November starting at $549 for the 950 and $649 for the 950 XL.

The Surface Pro 4 tablet will have a fingerprint sensor on the keyboard and a larger GLASS trackpad. It has a 12.3 inch display, and thinner cover. It gets a hybrid cooling system and 6th generation Intel Core processor, with 16 gigs or RAM and 1 terabyte of storage. Microsoft claims Surface 4 is 30% faster than Surface 3, and 50% faster than a Macbook Air. The pen attaches magnetically to the side…it doesn’t need charging for a year! Double click one end and it launches One note…hold the ‘eraser’ button and it launches Cortana. Preorders open October 7th and it starts at $899.

New to the lineup is a 13.5 inch laptop they’ve dubbed Microsoft Surface Book. The display detaches into a tablet, which they claim is the thinnest and lightest Intel Core i7 tablet. The whole thing is 1.6 lbs, and 7.7 millimeters thick. It starts at $1499. Preorders start October 7th, and it’s available October 26th.

Big Microsoft Product Event In October

Microsoft is planning a monster product launch event in October. According to, they’ll show two new Lumia handsets, the Surface Pro 4, and a Microsoft Band 2. There MAY be a slimmer Xbox One as well, but that’s an outside chance. More likely is additional Surface hardware in addition to the Surface Pro 4….Maybe a Surface Mini.

Ford has patented an autonomous car that allows for the driver pivoting around with their back to the wheel. This would enable 4 adults to sit facing each other. It will be interesting to see how this works out, as Mercedes-Benz already has a functioning self-driving car that does this, and has demonstrated it to the press. A fresh wrinkle in the Ford version is that the entire front seat can fold back, creating a bed or leg rest for back seat passengers. That in and of itself will present interesting scenarios for future parents when junior asks to borrow the car!

Coffee Joining The Icemaker & Water in Your Fridge Door

If you need a new fridge, would love to reclaim counter space, but need your Kuerig, GE has a deal for you. says the Cafe French Door fridge will have a Kuerig built into the door, starting this fall. Expect to drop $3300!

Microsoft refuses to walk away from smartphones. reports that they introduced two low end Lumia phones today, the 435 and 532. Both will roll out in Europe and Asia first, starting in February.

Nintendo has confirmed the release of their latest handheld system, the 3DS XL for February 13th. says it will be just under $200, and Gamestop is taking preorders today.

New Microsoft Smartphone Reveal in Days

Microsoft will show it’s first non-Nokia Lumia smartphone next week. says it will be unveiled on the 11th, have a 5 inch screen, and come in 7 different colors.

Meanwhile, Samsung is reportedly working on a mysterious new smartphone family. After taking drubbing from Apple, has also heard that the Galaxy S6…or Project Zero…is not an improved S5, but being designed from scratch.

You can reach out to doctors and lawyers online, now Talkspace lets you text your issues to to a therapist for $25 a week. says if you pay monthly, you get unlimited texts for that price. The app is less pricey, and more discreet than in person therapy.

Another Car Line Getting Android in the Dash

We’re seeing more and more of the connected car. Next year, Honda Civic models will run Android. says they’ll sport a 7 inch, customizable touch screen display that will act a lot like a smartphone.

If you’re a bargain hunter or on a budget, check the Lumia 530 at T-Mobile. says it’s $79.80 off contract. The Windows smartphone will be available October 15th, with pre-ordering starting Sunday.

Set top box maker Roku has enabled screen mirroring from some Android smart devices and Windows devices to your HDTV. says you can mirror apps, photos, games, and the web on your smart device and your big screen.