iPhone Fitness App Won’t Activate Until You Pair With Apple Watch

A developer has discovered that the Fitness app does exist on iPhones in iOS 8.2. Macrumors.com says it apparently doesn’t appear until you pair the phone with Apple Watch…then you get a comprehensive overview of your daily activity and workout history. Apple has been pushing health and fitness as a prime reason to spring for the watch, which is out April 24th.

Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant is apparently coming to Android and iOS. According to Reuters.com, it may be ready to drop along with the desktop version when Windows 10 is released this fall. The managing director of the Einstein project, which is building it, says it can read and understand email.

Electricity in the air? Yes, and not just a figure of speech. Scientists at the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency have just used microwaves to send 1.8 kilowatts of electricity 180 feet through the air to a device! Rt.com notes that’s enough to power a microwave oven! An eventual goal is to transmit solar energy collected and converted to electricity in space down to the surface where we can use it!


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