Swiss Luxury Watch Maker Joins the Smartwatch World

The Swiss are getting into the smart watch market in a big way. Ahead of the Apple Watch drop, Tag Heuer has unveiled a luxury smart watch. says it’s got Intel inside, and runs Android. It looks just like a real Carrera, and could be on wrists by fall.

Streaming music sales have gone from 5% of the market 5 years ago to 27 percent last year. reports that stream sales hit $1.87 billion in 2014, slipping by CDs, which took in $1.85 billion. Digital downloads like iTunes dropped again, but still accounted for a whopping $2.58 billion!

Right now, it’s just in New York, but there’s an app out called OpenStreetCab that both Uber and the cab companies hate. According to, it compares, and tells you which is the cheapest. The data so far suggests it’s Uber for longer rides, cabs for a shorter one.

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