Apple Watch Clones and Knock Offs Already On Sale

Last week, Apple rolled out the Apple Watch, and within a day, counterfeit versions were on the streets in China. Now, says there are knockoffs in stores and online. One shown on Alibaba is the Airwatch A8 smart wearable watch. It’s a dead ringer, but runs Android, shoots photos and video, and uses a SIM card for independent calling. It’s $76.

There’s not much more frustrating than lines at the airport. reports that Cincinnati International Airport is using a tracking system that picks up the MAC addresses of smartphones anonymously, and has allowed them to cut time in security lines by a third. 20 other airports around the world are using the tech from Blip Systems.

Microsoft cut prices on the Xbox One and beat out Sony during the Christmas season, but now Sony has come roaring back, with the Playstation 4 outselling the Xbox in both January and February. According to, those two new generation game systems have outsold their predecessors by 60% so far.


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