Strong Galaxy S6 Sales Affect Apple’s Next iPhone Model

The strong pre-sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge may indirectly hurt future iPhone 6s sales. says Apple had previously announced that the new A9 processors would be built entirely by Samsung, but now Samsung may not be able to keep up with the demand as Galaxy sales pick up. Now, Apple will look to Taiwanese maker TSMC to build 30% of their processor chips. TSMC already builds chips for the present iPhones.

Google now lets you install apps directly from search on Android. According to, when you search for an app, there’s an install button right with the search results that takes you directly to the Google store and downloads the app.

Microsoft has enjoyed a lot of success with their Halo game franchise. reports that Redmond has released Halo spinoffs for iOS, Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the gamer favored Steam machines. The 3 Halo Spartan games can be bought in a bundle for $9.99 in the various app stores.


Galaxy S6 Presales Are Encouraging to Samsung

It’s no secret that the Galaxy S5 has been disappointing to Samsung. says early signs show the S6 may be the smash hit they badly need. The reviews are good, but more importantly, preorders are already almost double those of the S5 on T-Mobile. The other carriers haven’t weighed in yet on sales of the upcoming Samsung hero phone.

Overall PC shipments have dropped 5.2 percent worldwide first quarter of 2015, but Apple’s Mac has handily bucked that trend. reports that Mac sales were up 9% in the US, based on figures from Gartner. That gives Apple 12 % of the US market.

With the upcoming Windows 10 system from Microsoft, Redmond will be merging apps, movies, TV shows, and music into a single location. According to the, Microsoft will introduce a unified store, and will ensure apps and content can work across PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. They plan to reveal more about the store at their Build developer conference later this month.

iPhone Users on Sprint Join T-Mobile Users With Wi-Fi Calling

With Apple’s latest update, iOS 8.3, iPhone users gain Wi-Fi calling on Sprint. T-Mobile users have had it since fall. The says AT&T and Verizon will cave, and allow the feature later this year. Wi-Fi calling routes calls through Wi-Fi you’re connected to, instead of over the cellular system, so doesn’t count against your minutes.

Samsung is expecting record sales from the Galaxy S6, but warns that the S6 Edge will be in short supply at launch. reports that Samsung has warned that manufacturing difficulties will make the ‘edgier’ phone scarce at first.

According to, YouTube will launch a paid service later this year for users that don’t want to see ads. It will cost you 10 bucks a month. Content creators will still get a percentage of revenue from the paid views.

Google-Virtual Reality Right On Your Eyeballs!

Google-owned Magic Leap has posted a video demoing how they are putting together an augmented reality capable of displaying extremely realistic images directly on users’ retinas. says it’s not clear from the video what is working product and what’s still a concept, but it looks pretty amazing.

This may be the coolest thing for your kitchen counter ever…better than that coffee maker that makes lattes and cappuccinos. According to, Somabar has a $430 robotic bartender in the works. It began as a kickstarter, and uses remeasured ingredients from pods like a coffeemaker. It’s not up to matching a good human bartender, but it’s a start.

The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are out before long here, and preorders start the 27th, with the launch on April 10th. reports that Best Buy might be the best deal…they will apparently offer a free wireless charger that normally sells for $49.99.

Mystery Color & Maybe Third Model of Galaxy S6

There’s a lot of buzz about Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and most features are known, but it looks like Samsung has ‘one more thing.’ says in addition to white, black, pale gold, and either ‘blue topaz’ for the S6 or ‘green emerald’ on the Edge, a mystery 5th color will be revealed later…and maybe a third model!

Apple is moving on the internet of things. A new patent shows an iPhone dock with audio, wireless, a touch sensitive display, and proximity sensors. According to, it’s a future control center for your connected Apple home.

Last week, the new Macbook rolled out with just one port…the reversible USB Type C. Now, reports that Google is very committed to the multi-use port, and it may be showing up on Android phones and Chromebooks in the very near future.

Google Wireless….IF You Have the Right Phone

Google may kick off it’s rumored wireless service as soon as the end of the month. says the system will switch from Wi-Fi to cellular like any other, but there’s one HUGE drawback…it will only be available initially on the latest Nexus 6 smartphone. No price point has been revealed, but expect it to be very competitive…with the usual caveat that you’ll give up a bit more privacy to Google if you sign up!

We know Samsung is including wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Now, the CEO of Powermat, says their wireless charging standard will come baked in to all future Samsung smartphones that feature wireless charging. reports that Samsung is also including the wireless standard from the Wireless Power Consortium for now. Powermat is what you see at Starbucks.

One of the big concerns of smart watches is battery life, and that goes for the Apple Watch to be hitting wrists next month. According to, The Reserve Strap will come to the rescue…recharging the watch as you wear it. It will extend the battery life to 125% of normal, and preorders are open now on their website…but it’s $249…just a hundred less than the actual Apple Watch!

No Mega iPad Until Fall

Apple is delaying production of the reported 12.9 inch iPad until September according to In addition to business tools from IBM, it’s rumored to have a USB port, a first for an iPad.

T-Mobile has spilled the beans about the pricing of the new Samsung Galaxy S6…and reports that it’s more expensive than an iPhone! The base 32Gb model will start at $699, 50 bucks more than the cheapest iPhone 6. It’s still expected to be $199 with a contract.

The Blue Link app is out for Hyundai owners. says the app, previewed at CES, will let owners of Hyundais as old as 2012 use Android Wear smart watches to lock and unlock their cars, start and stop the engine, honk the horn, and flash the lights.

Wireless Charging Coming with Samsung Galaxy S6?

Another leak about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, and this one’s a biggie. picked up a story from Korean site Naver that says the S6 and S6 Edge will come with support for wireless charging that’s compatible with many existing wireless charging systems.

Amazon has announced that Sling TV is now supported by its Fire TV set top box and HDMI stick. reports that you can get a fat hardware discount, too…if you prepay for 3 months of Sling, get $50 off the $100 price of Fire TV or the Stick for free!

You probably have a few Facebook friends’ accounts that are still out there, even though they’ve left this mortal coil. reports that Facebook is introducing a Legacy Contact people can designate to continue limited aspects of the account. It’s rolling out in the US now.

Samsung Teases ‘The Future of Cameras’ in Galaxy S6

We don’t know if it’s dual main cameras or other features, but Samsung says the upcoming Galaxy S6 will have no less than ‘the future of cameras.’ The says it will do all the thinking for users, who will need only to press the shutter button for great shots. The S6 will be shown March 1st.

OLED screens have been used in some smartphones for years, but never on this scale. reports that Samsung is spending 3.6 billion on building organic light emitting diode screens…mainly for smartphones and tablets, including those of competitors.

Getting around in San Francisco and other major cities can be tough to say the least. Some map apps help, but now, reports that the Urban Engines app is out for Android and iOS. Built by former googlers, it works without mobile data and uses augmented reality.

A ‘Sinister’ Version of the Galaxy Edge

More pictures have leaked out of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, and they show 3 different models. reports that besides the ‘regular’ S6, there appear to be two Galaxy Edge models. Earlier reports had an Edge with two side screens, but it appears that actually there will be both right and left handed models. Using the edge screen by leftys would otherwise require using the phone upside down! Of course, we won’t really know until Samsung releases them. The phones are still expected to roll out March 1st at Mobile World Congress.

Microsoft just dropped the first big update of the year to the Xbox One. says it includes a Game Hubs feature, that pulls together game clips, playing tips, leaderboards, and info about friends. Redmond’s idea is to basically create a social network around individual games on the Xbox, with the hope that adding this plus their price cut will help them catch up to the Playstation 4 in sales.

While the venerable keyboard and mouse still rule computer inputs, and voice control is still not ready for prime time, there’s a new app at the Apple App Store that lets you use fingers in thin air. reports that ControlAir works with media apps like iTunes, Spotify, and more. You still have to open the app and start the music or video, but you can stop, start, and mute from across the room. The app uses your EyeSight camera.