Testing the First Real Drone Delivery System

No, it’s not Amazon! The first actual test of drone delivery is being launched by Swiss Post, the Swiss postal service. They’ll use the service of Matternet starting this summer. The Matternet One drone can deliver about 2.2 lbs 12 miles on a charge. Swiss Post thinks that’s enough to deliver light packages such as documents, medical supplies, and parts. Check out tech crunch.com for more.

The widely used Dropbox cloud synced storage system has already expanded into photo storage and mail. Now, they are beta testing Dropbox Notes, a collaborative note taking function. It sports a similar interface to Google Docs, and competes with that as well as Evernote. The verge.com reports that so far, it looks like a corporate focused beta, not yet available to individuals.

Next iPhone Will Run on Samsung Processors…Again

Samsung will be making the A9 chips for the next generation iPhone, according to macrumors.com. There have been conflicting rumors over whether it would be Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor, or a combination. The phone may also be the iPhone 7…Apple may add Force Touch from the Apple Watch to the screen and skip the 6S designation.

The Ubiquitous Evernote has a couple new features for iOS. Thenextweb.com reports that the note-taking app gets new camera functionality and support for the soon-to-be released Apple Watch. You will be able to auto-capture images when you point your camera at documents and business cards in the app.

NASA is teaming up with Boeing to make planes more eco-friendly. Engadget.com says they are experimenting with 31 tiny jets on the tail fin. This adds stability, and allows for a 17% smaller tail, making planes lighter and more fuel efficient.

Bye, Bye ‘Feature Phones’

The so-called ‘feature phone’ is all but gone. Anandtech.com says ARM expects a billion entry level smartphones by 2018- twice as many as are shipping now- and $20 Android smartphones coming later this year! They don’t expect manufacturing scale to allow anything much cheaper…but that ought to be cheap enough!

9to5mac.com reports that Walgreens and retail giant Walmart are testing Apple’s iBeacon indoor positioning system. Walgreens already has them in 10 test stores. Walmart says 90% of retail still happens in store, and has to do with proximity.

Thenextweb.com says LinkedIn has shut down its CardMunch business card scanning app, and has partnered with Evernote for card scanning. Just a month ago, Evernote added the ability to reach out to LinkedIn connections without leaving the Evernote app. The updated Evernote app is already out for iOS, but Android is still ‘coming soon.’