Amazon Can Make $ on Non-Amazon Purchases; Boston Dynamics-Don’t Weaponize Robots; Apple Sticks with Qualcomm Modems  for Now; ICYMI-Kanye Bounced from Twitter Again

Amazon offers pretty much anything you can think of online to lure your dollars into their coffers. But what about the bucks you spend elsewhere? Apparently in some cases, they are getting a taste of that cash, too! reports that while Amazon claimed more than 37% of US e-commerce last year, it has started dipping into some of your other buying. In April, the online giant rolled out ‘Buy with Prime,’ a program that lets sellers add a button on their websites that lets users buy from them, but with Amazon handling the payment and shipping. Amazon also has Local Shopping, which lets a third party seller offer curbside pickup from their storefronts on Amazon’s online marketplace. Their Amazon Pay and Multi-Channel Fulfillment programs are a couple other ways Amazon leverages their massive logistics operation to pickup extra cash from the sales of others. Although they claim not to sell user data, Amazon also has a treasure trove of that on you and everyone else who’s ever gotten a box with the smiley arrow on it!

Boston Dynamics, which makes Spot the robot dog, and some humanoid robots, has put out a pledge vowing to counter attempts by buyers to weaponize its products. According to, the formerly Google owned firm has been concerned about recent ‘makeshift efforts’ to weaponize its robots. Several other robotics firms, including Agility Robotics, ANYbotics, Clearpath Robotics, Open Robotics, and Unitree Robotics, have also signed the commitment. “Robots should be used to help, not harm. We prohibit weaponization, while supporting the safe, ethical, and effective use of robots in public safety,” Boston Dynamics said in a blog post.

Although Apple is alleged to be developing its own 5G chip for future iPhones, word is they will stick with Qualcomm modems for all iPhones though the iPhone 16 model. notes that Apple probably won’t roll out its own chip until at least 2025. All of the iPhone 15 models will use the Snapdragon X70, which was announced this past February. They will have a theoretical download speed of 10 gigs per second, with artificial intelligence allowing for even faster average speeds. 

Kanye West was back on Twitter for the first time since 2020 on Friday night, but apparently got his account locked later in the weekend for posting anti-Jewish stereotypes often spouted by white supremacists. says the lockdown was “due to a violation of Twitter’s policies.” He also had content removed from Instagram, and that account also is under restriction for repeated policy violations. 


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