WhatsApp Blocks Screenshots for ‘View Once’; FCC-Game Over on Robocalls; Ford Triples EV Sales YoY; Amazon Freezes Corp. Hiring

Last year, WhatsApp introduced a new feature called ‘View Once’, which let users send photos and videos that disappear after they are opened…much like you can do in Snapchat and Instagram. Now, according to 9to5mac.com, WhatsApp is taking things further, by adding blocking of screenshots and screen recordings for ‘View Once’ pics and videos. If a user tries to screenshot one, a pop up message indicates ‘blocked for added privacy.’ Right now, the feature is just in a beta version, and no word on when it will become available to everyone. Another feature being tested— users can create links to invite others to join a call…like Zoom, Teams, and FaceTime. 

Will it REALLY stop all those robocalls? Well, no one knows, but the Federal Communications Commission has announced it will block services from 7 voice service providers, or VoIPs, if they don’t comply with efforts to mitigate the rampant scam calls that hit us all by the hundreds. Mashable.com reports that the FCC is giving the VoIP companies 14 days to show that they are taking steps to mitigate robocalls, or their service will be blocked from their customers. Will this threat work, or will the FCC prove to be a toothless tiger in this instance? We may know soon.

We’ve seen big numbers in Tesla sales, and now Ford posts strong EV gains. Electrek.co says Ford’s EV sales tripled year over year, up to a 3.1% market share. Ford is on track to hit its goal of 600,000 EVs by year’s end. For comparison, overall sales were down 9% year over year, so that makes the increase all the more important. The electric F-150 pickup did ok, but the Mustang was really hot…and the Ford E-Transit van was the top seller in that segment. 

Amazon is freezing corporate hiring for its retail business for the rest of the year. According to geekwire.com, the online everything firm is concerned about high inflation and worried about an economic downturn. They won’t freeze hiring for cloud computer roles, however. The majority of revenue for Amazon comes through its retail business…although Amazon Web Services is more profitable. When asked for a statement, Amazon put out a vague, word salad statement about hiring and roles. 


One Comment on “WhatsApp Blocks Screenshots for ‘View Once’; FCC-Game Over on Robocalls; Ford Triples EV Sales YoY; Amazon Freezes Corp. Hiring”

  1. Bob Gowa says:

    Robocalls will never disappear. They’ll continue the current pattern of reduction and expansion. It seems that Robocallers (aka Lowest Scum on Earth) are able to band together quickly and circumvent every new tech designed to block them.
    Bandwith.com (a “carrier’s carrier”) has published a great explanation of the latest anti-robocall tech:
    Just my $.02.

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