Meta- Quest Pro; Twitter Fights Screenshotting Tweets; Lufthansa is NOT Banning Air Tags; YouTube-Better Support for Username ‘Handles’

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the latest VR headset at Meta Connect. It’s called the Quest Pro, and will be a princely $1499. reports that Meta will keep selling the more mass-market geared Quest. The Pro unit is being pitched as a productivity device. It features full color passthrough, and uses 4 cams outside to capture and display the space. New ‘pancake’ lenses reduce size with a 40% thinner display stack than the Quest 2. A down side? Battery life will only be 1-2 hours (really, 1 probably.) That’s a tough sell. The Quest Pro is available for preorder now, and ships October 25th.

We got editing Tweets, but as Twitter gives, they try to take away. When you try to take a screen shot, you may get a popup saying ‘Share Tweet instead?’ There are buttons for copy link and share Tweet below. According to, the prompt stays up for several seconds, delaying your screen shot of the Tweet. They really want you to share Tweets, and especially don’t want them posted on another social media platform…since they don’t get any money from that. Do what you like, but I’m going to keep screenshooting whenever I need to.

In spite of Tweets saying it was banning Apple AirTags from checked luggage, Lufthansa now says that’s not so. notes that the Twitter account had called the trackers ‘dangerous goods!’ They are apparently thinking of lithium ion batteries that are in phones, tablets, & laptops. the AirTag just uses those CR2032 batteries…about the size of a quarter. The REAL reason they probably wanted to ban AirTags is that you can use them to track your checked bag…like when the airline loses it! I have flown internationally on other airlines, and no one has ever asked me to turn off or remove the AirTag.

YouTube is making it easier to direct users to their channels to watch videos. According to, they have announced ‘handles,’ which let you identify your channel with an @username format. The feature will be available to everyone on YouTube….you don’t have to be a creator of a certain size, or subscriber count to claim your own unique @handle. Handles have been in common use on numerous social media platforms…sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and others. YouTube says the handles will show up on both channel pages and Shorts. It’s a gradual rollout, so be patient!


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