Android Rules the World in Number of Smartphones; Apple Watch Coming to Kohl’s

A report out from says that Android now accounts for 88% of global smartphone shipments in the third quarter of this year, with a total of 375 million phones. Apple slipped to 12%, mainly on losing ground in China and Africa. Other operating systems only account for .3% at this point, including Tizen. Apple’s iPhone running iOS obviously does far better in the US and in the narrower market for higher priced phones.

Kohl’s Department Stores will start selling the Apple Watch at 400 locations ahead of Black Friday. says they’ll roll out the smartwatch starting November 15th. Kohl’s has 1100 stores, so you’ll have to check ahead if one near you will carry the Watch. Macy’s has the Watch, but only in 180 stores. You can get the Nike+ version of Apple Watch at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Nike stores.

iPhone 8 May Get Iris Scanner; Samsung GearS3 Smartwatch Gets LTE Cell Connection


According to, citing a Chinese source, Apple will give the 10th anniversary iPhone iris scanning. It’s not clear if this would add an additional layer of security, or replace Touch ID. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just rolled out with an iris scanner a few weeks ago. Some sources think it will be additional deeper security, as it takes at least as long to line up the eyes with the scanner as it does for Touch ID to read your fingerprints. This is also the approach Samsung has taken.

Speaking of Samsung, they announced the Gear S3 smartwatch yesterday. It’s something of a monster watch at 46mm, but does have optional LTE cellular ability. reports Samsung is sticking with their Tizen operating system. The biggest Apple watch is 42mm. Samsung promises 3-4 days per charge, and the watch can use your current cell phone number on most systems, and whether your cell phone is Android or iOS. they also continue with a smaller, more svelte model with no cellular. Pricing is yet to be announced.

Samsung Working on a Glass-Like Visor; Huawei Sticking With Android for Now; Twitter Adds Stickers says Samsung recently filed a patent application for Samsung Ahead, a headset described as a “wearable computer” built “in the shape of a helmet.” Yes, that smacks a bit of Google Glass. The application describes an operating system for a “digital electronic device” that sports built-in support for “electronic display modules” like a screen, plus headphone hardware capable of “MP3” and “MP4” playback and “digital communication” and such peripherals as “digital camera” and “camcorders.” Somehow, ‘Helmet Heads’ or ‘Samholes’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Glassholes.’

Just last week, The Information reported that Huawei has assembled a team working to replace Android for their smartphones and tablets. reports that the company’s CEO Richard Yu went on social media site Weibo over the weekend to confirm that Huawei will continue to use Android as long as Google keeps it open. Samsung has already shown just how tough it is to launch a new OS and have it take hold. Tizen has been in various stages of release since 2012, but try to find someone that’s not a mega-nerd who has even heard of it. notes that Twitter is introducing stickers for images uploaded to your feed, which are also searchable when tapped. Here’s how it works: you upload an image to Twitter, then pick a sticker or stickers to put on it. Once you post the image, stickers become searchable when tapped. You can only use Twitter’s stickers, not 3rd party ones. It may seem a bit silly, but with a sticker, you don’t have to use up your 140 characters with hashtag words, so it can save big space on your posts.

The Internet of Things & Your Local Watering Hole

The internet of things hits the local pub. says Steady Serve technologies showed the iKeg at CES this week. It lets bartenders know how much beer is left in a keg. No more lifting and shaking 100 pound kegs! reports that Samsung will rollout a round faced smartwatch at Mobile World Congress next month. It’s code named Orbis, and runs Samsung’s Tizen system, not Android, and is aimed ‘squarely’ at Motorola’s Moto 360.

Even though they love to hate each other, Samsung and Apple are still partners. says Samsung will supply the processor, RAM, flash memory, and other internals for the upcoming Apple Watch.

The Second Coming of Palm

Before smartphones, a lot of us had Palm Pilots. Palm may be rising again. says a Chinese company has bought the Brand, and posted ‘coming soon’ at

Samsung hasn’t gotten much traction using their Tizen operating system on smartphones, but reports that their smart TVs in 2015 will be running the operating system.

Twitter is starting to roll out a ‘while you were away’ recap feature to users. says it resemble’s Facebook’s timeline, and is Twitter’s first major non-chronological feature.

Samsung Tizen Phone Coming Soon

After several delays, Samsung will release it’s first Tizen powered phone, the Z-1, next month in India. says it’s not aimed at top line handsets like iPhone and the Galaxy S5, but to break Android’s hold on the medium and lower price markets.

If you’re a procrastinator and want a full sized tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is $299 today only. reports that’s 30% off, but you’ll have to spring for expedited shipping to get it by Christmas. notes that a survey by Piper Jaffray indicates potential Apple Watch buyers are taking a wait and see attitude. Only 7% of iPhone buyers presently plan to buy the smart watch. Apple will need a killer app to get that number up.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Dropping Android and Name?

In something of a big break, Samsung is moving the Galaxy Gear smart watches from Android to the Tizen operating system. Tizen may be pushed as an over the air update to Gear watches. says they will likely also drop the Galaxy name.

A useful feature has been added to Facebook for iOS… reports you can now create posts offline, and they’ll automatically upload to Facebook when you have a better signal, or switch out of airplane mode if you’ve been flying. says UC Irvine Med school has handed out Google Glass to all the medical students. Irvine is the 1st med school to fully incorporate Glass into its 4 year curriculum. It could be a boon for doctors to check files or lookup info without having to use their hands. (At $1500 each, don’t hold your breath for your employer or your school to do this!