iPhone 8 May Get Iris Scanner; Samsung GearS3 Smartwatch Gets LTE Cell Connection


According to macrumors.com, citing a Chinese source, Apple will give the 10th anniversary iPhone iris scanning. It’s not clear if this would add an additional layer of security, or replace Touch ID. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just rolled out with an iris scanner a few weeks ago. Some sources think it will be additional deeper security, as it takes at least as long to line up the eyes with the scanner as it does for Touch ID to read your fingerprints. This is also the approach Samsung has taken.

Speaking of Samsung, they announced the Gear S3 smartwatch yesterday. It’s something of a monster watch at 46mm, but does have optional LTE cellular ability. Arstechinca.com reports Samsung is sticking with their Tizen operating system. The biggest Apple watch is 42mm. Samsung promises 3-4 days per charge, and the watch can use your current cell phone number on most systems, and whether your cell phone is Android or iOS. they also continue with a smaller, more svelte model with no cellular. Pricing is yet to be announced.

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