Apple Going for Glasshole Market; Twitter Adds Mute to Convos and Hashtags; Nintendo’s ‘Super Mario Run a Month Away; Spotify Has Been Wearing SSDs-Patch Is Out

Yes, they were clunky, but that wasn’t the main reason people who had Google Glass were called ‘glassholes.’ Apple has revolutionized portable music players with the iPod and phones with the iPhone, can they do the same with digital glasses? says they’re working on some. A great AR headset would go a long way in bringing in the future, which at lot of people think will involve AR. The real trick will be having small enough components to produce a good AR experience, and batteries that power it which won’t weigh you down. It’s a huge challenge, but think about the iPod and iPhone…maybe by 2018 we’ll see the iAR or will it be Apple AR?

A lot of criticism has been thrown at Facebook and Twitter over fake news and trolls since the election. Now, reports that Twitter has added a mute feature to conversations and hashtags to try to contain harassment. Previously, you could only mute individuals, and their friends could still gang up on a person. You will also now be able to mute keywords and hashtags.

Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad will launch December 15th. says it will sell for $10, and is specifically designed for mobile devices. Gamers can try before they by for free with elements of the games 3 modes. The game is designed to accomodate one-handed play….Mario runs forward on his own. Just tap to make him jump.

After sucking up life out of SSDs for months, Spotify has released a fix. According to, a bug has allowed the app to continually rewrite data to your drive, even while in idle mode…up to 5 to 10 gigs an hour. Over a day, it would write up to 700 gigs. SSDs have a limited number of writes available, although most should last 10 years with normal use. Look for V. 1.0.42, it’s out and you should have it or upgrade to it on your desktop or laptop.

Samsung Working on a Glass-Like Visor; Huawei Sticking With Android for Now; Twitter Adds Stickers says Samsung recently filed a patent application for Samsung Ahead, a headset described as a “wearable computer” built “in the shape of a helmet.” Yes, that smacks a bit of Google Glass. The application describes an operating system for a “digital electronic device” that sports built-in support for “electronic display modules” like a screen, plus headphone hardware capable of “MP3” and “MP4” playback and “digital communication” and such peripherals as “digital camera” and “camcorders.” Somehow, ‘Helmet Heads’ or ‘Samholes’ doesn’t have the same ring to it as ‘Glassholes.’

Just last week, The Information reported that Huawei has assembled a team working to replace Android for their smartphones and tablets. reports that the company’s CEO Richard Yu went on social media site Weibo over the weekend to confirm that Huawei will continue to use Android as long as Google keeps it open. Samsung has already shown just how tough it is to launch a new OS and have it take hold. Tizen has been in various stages of release since 2012, but try to find someone that’s not a mega-nerd who has even heard of it. notes that Twitter is introducing stickers for images uploaded to your feed, which are also searchable when tapped. Here’s how it works: you upload an image to Twitter, then pick a sticker or stickers to put on it. Once you post the image, stickers become searchable when tapped. You can only use Twitter’s stickers, not 3rd party ones. It may seem a bit silly, but with a sticker, you don’t have to use up your 140 characters with hashtag words, so it can save big space on your posts.

Bluetooth 5 About to Be Rolled Out; Snapchat Working on Google Glass Type Product

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the group that sets the standards for the low power wireless standard, is going to rollout Bluetooth 5 next week. reports that it will have 4 times the speed and double the range of the best Bluetooth now available. It will also offer much more support for connectionless services…like beacons that can help people navigate around, both in buildings and outside. The added range and speed are particularly aimed at all the Internet of Things devices popping up for your home.

Snapchat is working on a Google Glass style AR headset, according to Snapchat has snapped up a couple of hardware specialists from GoPro, and a tech recruiter from Google’s Project Aura, the division that came up with Google Glass. These strengthen rumors of a Glass-type product from March when it leaked out that Snapc had hired an eyewear designer and a man specializing in miniaturized low power electronics. They are now listing jobs for a 3D mobile software engineer and mobile prototype developer, among others. Stay tuned.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumors & Holiday Sales; New Google Glass Model Leak

Another rumor has the iPhone 7 being waterproof, and in addition, is reporting it will used new compound materials to conceal antennas, losing those unsightly plastic antenna cover bars. There is some hand wringing that iPhone 6S sales won’t be as good as the 6 had, but the holidays were great for Apple…according to a Flurry Insights report picked up by, 49.1% of all devices activated Christmas week were from Apple. Phablets were only 13% of last season’s sales, but this year they grabbed 27% of the device market.

Whether we like it or not, there will be more glassholes. Google Glass lives! Hi resolution images of the next generation Google Glass have showed up on an FCC site. They look almost identical to the previous model, but have a hinge to fold just like regular glasses. The prism is larger, as well, according to This version of Google Glass is supposed to be enterprise only, and not intended to retail customers.

Google Hasn’t Entirely Killed Off Google Glass

Google had previously said they were killing off Google Glass, but apparently, there was a change of mind. reports that they’ve hired engineers and software developers from Amazon’s Lab126 for what they’re calling ‘Project Aura.’ They will work on other wearables besides Glass. Apparently Project Aura will stay under the Google ‘aura,’ instead of being a separate entity under the Alphabet umbrella. Ivy Ross will still head up the operation, but she’ll report to Nest CEO Tony Fadell now.

Speaking of Amazon, they’ve shown their answer to Apple TV…it’s a Fire TV box with Alexa and 4K video support. says that similar to Apple’s ‘Hey Siri,’ you will be able to command Alexa to go look for shows you want to watch. Amazon plans to add reordering through later, like with the Echo speaker. Don’t expect to be able to set alarms or timers as you can on the Echo, though. The new Fire TV box is $99. Amazon has also upgraded the Fire TV stick with newer software, and a new remote in a $50 bundle. There’s also a gamer-specific edition of the Fire TV box for $140, that comes with a useable controller and two free game downloads. It’s all open for preorder now, and all three products ship in October.

Next Version of Google Glass- Bigger Prism, Better Battery Life

It’s been off the radar for a while, but Google has been quietly toiling on the next iteration of Google Glass. The soon to be released Enterprise Edition will be the successor to the original Explorer Edition, according to It sports a bigger prism and a faster Atom processor. The bigger prism allows the user to just look up, rather than up and to the right. Reports have it spotted with a Google made external battery pack, too. Yes, if you wear it out in public or try to get into a bar, you’re still a Glasshole!

The latest beta of Apple’s iOS 9 changes up how it confirms that you’re the rightful owner of your iOS device or Mac. reports that the two factor identification baked into IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan will add an extra layer of security, even if someone steals your password. The system uses both a password and a 6 digit code when you sign into a new device using your Apple ID. The code will pop up on any Apple computer or Mobile device you are already signed in to.

The Genius Bar Goes Concierge

A makeover is coming to Apple’s Genius Bar. says they’re launching what they call a Concierge service. Once you’re in the store and the problem is inputted in their system, they will send you text messages…freeing you to go shop elsewhere while you wait.

Google Glass’ demise is apparently greatly exaggerated. According to, Glass 2 prototypes are already in the hands of developers. This time, it’s a very small selection of trusted developers, and no word yet on what improvements Google has made.

Valve is jumping into the virtual reality market. reports that the Steam games developer will show a new VR hardware system at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week.

Sony Pressing Ahead On SmartEyeglass Wearables

Despite GoogleGlass being gone for now, Sony is getting ready to ship a developer edition SmartEyeglass wearable March 10th. says they can be preordered now for $840. Unlike GoogleGlass, these need to talk to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth.

Hulu is getting smart. reports that they’ve added Watchlist…a smart playlist that will bump shows up in the que it notices you tend to watch first. It’s a coming trend…Ray has a universal remote now that tracks your habits for $199.

How many people upgrade smartphones to get the latest and greatest? A report by Gartner picked up by says 60% in the US & Germany. This also means a big 2nd hand phone market. Gartner says it will go from 56 million last year to 120 million in 2017.

A Clip On Rival to GoogleGlass

Sony has unveiled a clip on unit that turns any eyewear into smart glasses like GoogleGlass. says the concept will go into production later next year, and be out in 2016…hopefully with a better name than “SmartEyeglass Attach!”

For Crackberry addicts pining for old school, Blackberry has rolled out the Classic. According to, it’s based on the Bold, but with straighter rows on its physical keyboard.

Fujitsu has launched a pair of business oriented Windows 8.1 tablets. says the Stylistic Q555 combines a tablet and a laptop…the Q335 is a straight tablet. They’re being positioned as semi-rugged under military specs, and both will be out early next year.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Dropping Android and Name?

In something of a big break, Samsung is moving the Galaxy Gear smart watches from Android to the Tizen operating system. Tizen may be pushed as an over the air update to Gear watches. says they will likely also drop the Galaxy name.

A useful feature has been added to Facebook for iOS… reports you can now create posts offline, and they’ll automatically upload to Facebook when you have a better signal, or switch out of airplane mode if you’ve been flying. says UC Irvine Med school has handed out Google Glass to all the medical students. Irvine is the 1st med school to fully incorporate Glass into its 4 year curriculum. It could be a boon for doctors to check files or lookup info without having to use their hands. (At $1500 each, don’t hold your breath for your employer or your school to do this!