Google Wireless….IF You Have the Right Phone

Google may kick off it’s rumored wireless service as soon as the end of the month. says the system will switch from Wi-Fi to cellular like any other, but there’s one HUGE drawback…it will only be available initially on the latest Nexus 6 smartphone. No price point has been revealed, but expect it to be very competitive…with the usual caveat that you’ll give up a bit more privacy to Google if you sign up!

We know Samsung is including wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Now, the CEO of Powermat, says their wireless charging standard will come baked in to all future Samsung smartphones that feature wireless charging. reports that Samsung is also including the wireless standard from the Wireless Power Consortium for now. Powermat is what you see at Starbucks.

One of the big concerns of smart watches is battery life, and that goes for the Apple Watch to be hitting wrists next month. According to, The Reserve Strap will come to the rescue…recharging the watch as you wear it. It will extend the battery life to 125% of normal, and preorders are open now on their website…but it’s $249…just a hundred less than the actual Apple Watch!


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