A ‘Sinister’ Version of the Galaxy Edge

More pictures have leaked out of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6, and they show 3 different models. 9to5google.com reports that besides the ‘regular’ S6, there appear to be two Galaxy Edge models. Earlier reports had an Edge with two side screens, but it appears that actually there will be both right and left handed models. Using the edge screen by leftys would otherwise require using the phone upside down! Of course, we won’t really know until Samsung releases them. The phones are still expected to roll out March 1st at Mobile World Congress.

Microsoft just dropped the first big update of the year to the Xbox One. Geekwire.com says it includes a Game Hubs feature, that pulls together game clips, playing tips, leaderboards, and info about friends. Redmond’s idea is to basically create a social network around individual games on the Xbox, with the hope that adding this plus their price cut will help them catch up to the Playstation 4 in sales.

While the venerable keyboard and mouse still rule computer inputs, and voice control is still not ready for prime time, there’s a new app at the Apple App Store that lets you use fingers in thin air. Engadget.com reports that ControlAir works with media apps like iTunes, Spotify, and more. You still have to open the app and start the music or video, but you can stop, start, and mute from across the room. The app uses your EyeSight camera.


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