Next iPhone Will Run on Samsung Processors…Again

Samsung will be making the A9 chips for the next generation iPhone, according to There have been conflicting rumors over whether it would be Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor, or a combination. The phone may also be the iPhone 7…Apple may add Force Touch from the Apple Watch to the screen and skip the 6S designation.

The Ubiquitous Evernote has a couple new features for iOS. reports that the note-taking app gets new camera functionality and support for the soon-to-be released Apple Watch. You will be able to auto-capture images when you point your camera at documents and business cards in the app.

NASA is teaming up with Boeing to make planes more eco-friendly. says they are experimenting with 31 tiny jets on the tail fin. This adds stability, and allows for a 17% smaller tail, making planes lighter and more fuel efficient.


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