Half of Top Merchants Will Use Apple Pay By Year’s End?

Apple has been working overtime reeling in merchants and financial institutions for its Apple pay system. Appleinsider.com says Cupertino expects to sign a number of large merchants before the end of 2015, pulling around half of the top 100 US merchants into the Apple fold. It’s an uphill climb, with only 4 of those pledged to support the iPhone based pay system so far. Most are hesitating citing customer demand, so that could change quickly if demand does.

Not all tech is zoomy and connected to the web. Some can save people from injuries or patch us up after the fact. Safer Sports Technologies has developed a lightweight insert that goes in a baseball cap to protect a pitcher from being beaned. It’s a combination of carbon fiber and kevlar, and runs ear to ear across the middle of the forehead. The two ounce insert apparently feels like it’s barely there. With it installed, the pitcher can survive a line drive to the head of up to 94 miles per hour! It’s a $5000 kickstarter right now, and you can get left and right kid sized ones for a $60 pledge, or for $80…the full wrap pro version for adults.


2 Comments on “Half of Top Merchants Will Use Apple Pay By Year’s End?”

  1. Terry Raieny says:

    I enjoy reading your blog posts Clark. Now about Apple Pay, I love it when I am able to use it, but that does not seem to happen often.

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