HTC Will Reveal The Next One (M9?) Shortly

HTC will show it’s newest flagship smartphone- which most are dubbing the One M9- on March 1st at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. The says it will be the successor to the top rated One M8. HTC may also show one or more wearable gadgets it’s been working on with Under Armour.

Virgin Mobile USA will now offer a contract free 4G family data sharing plan. According to, plans start at $65 a month for 2 lines and 4 gigs, or up to $115 a month for 4 lines and 12 gigabytes. That’s $28.75 a month for each device. They do run on Sprint’s network, which is the slowest in the country, however.

The Next Samsung hero phone, the Galaxy S6, will likely have a fingerprint scanner similar to Apple’s. has picked up a report from SamMobile that says Samsung will ditch the reader you have to swipe for a touch sensor like iPhone and iPad have.


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