Moto Z3 Play; Intel Tech Points to 28 Hour Laptop Batteries; Udacity & Google Partner for Free Career Courses; Dave & Buster’s Gets Multiplayer VR Arcades; Tesla Near Model 3 Goal

Motorola has unveiled the Moto Z3 Play. It is mostly an incremental upgrade according to The handset does sport a bigger 6.01 inch display and smaller bezels all around, though. The fingerprint sensor has migrated from the front to a slightly thicker aluminum side rail. The Z3 Play runs a Snapdragon 636 processor, has 4 gigs of ram, and holds either 32 or 64 Gigs of storage. It does have a 3,000 mAh battery with fast charging. It’s $499 and available globally this month.

New tech from Intel may make laptop batteries regularly last up to 28 hours! The chipmaker made the announcement at Computex, and says they have developed a low power display tech that can cut LCD power consumption in half. Keep in mind that they get that battery life at 150 nits of screen brightness…which is probably darker than you can really work for very long, so as the saying goes, ‘your mileage will vary.’ So far, the tech will only work with Intel chips, not Nvidia or AMD graphics.

Bringing resume and cover letter help to recent grads and ‘mid-career’ professionals, Udacity has partnered with Google for a number of free courses. According to, they will not only offer free courses for basics like resumes and cover letters, but also optimizing your GitHub profile and beefing up your LinkedIn network. There are even courses in ‘Data Structures and Algorithms in Python’ as well as a course on Apple’s Swift platform. A total of 12 courses are available.

The Dave and Buster’s chain is in the process of installing multiplayer VR arcades, running HTC Vive hardware. reports that there will be 114 of them when complete, and a total of 500 VR headsets. According to HTC, the setups will be a ‘proprietary, multi participant motion platform’ built custom for Dave & Buster’s. Happy Holodecking, gamers!

Elon Musk says Tesla is going to be hitting their goal of 5,000 Model 3 cars a week by the end of June. As notes, 5,000 is the ‘magic number’ Musk cites that will put Tesla into the black with the Model 3. Up to now, they have been burning cash like crazy. The company has had to shut down the production line twice to fix and upgrade their systems. Musk even took to sleeping at the factory in a conference room for a while until they got the bugs worked out.


Moto’s Modular Capable Flagships Coming; Foxconn to Build Big iPhone Plant in India

Pictures leaked out a while back of Motorola’s 2 Moto X flagships with what looked like fairly large speaker holes on the metal back, and a protruding camera lens. According to, there’s more to it than that. The Vertex and Vector Thin will accommodate modular backplates you can swap out that add functionality. There will be at least 6 at launch counting the plain cover. The others have: stereo speakers; a battery pack; a camera grip with flash and optical zoom; a pico projector; and a rugged cover with wide angle lens attachment. The camera lens will sit flush with the backplates…which Motorola calls Amps….attached. So far, no pricing on either the phones or the Amps.

The Economic Times of India says Foxconn is close to a deal to build a 10 billion dollar iPhone manufacturing plant there. reports it will sit on 1200 acres, and be up and running in about 18 months. This is only one of 10-12 manufacturing plants Foxconn hopes to open in India by 2020. Apple sales were up 56% year over year in India.

Periscope Live Video Tweets in Twitter Stream; Lenovo’s Moto Plans’ Musk on Apple Car

Twitter bought Periscope a year ago, and now the live video is available in your feed…in fact, you can broadcast live video directly into your feed without leaving the Twitter app. reports that Periscope…which only launched in March 2015…is consistently one of the top 20 social networking apps on iPhone. Twitter hopes this will help engagement, like Facebook has done with Facebook Live Video.

Lenovo is killing the Motorola name for Moto, and now, we hear that all Moto phones in 2016 will have at least 5 inch screens and fingerprint sensors. That’s according to Chen Xudong of Lenovo, in a story from For now, at least, Lenovo will use its Vibe brand for smaller and low end phones, and keep Moto as the flagship oriented line. The only down side is they plan to stop using the pure version of Android for a custom version…like almost everyone else.

Elon Musk is on a roll…in an interview yesterday covered by, he says the Apple electric car is an open secret in Silicon Valley. Musk points out that they’ve hired a thousand engineers, including a number they have poached from Tesla. Musk claims that whatever Apple does automotive-wise won’t hurt Tesla. Apple now holds the domains,, and

Apple’s Back to School Freebie- ‘Music to Your Ears’

Yes, it’s time for Apple’s annual back to school promotion, and this year, Cupertino is giving away a free pair of Beats Solo2 headphones to students and teachers that buy a Mac through their education program…literally music to your ears! notes that the headphones usually go for $200, and that for an additional $100 bucks, you can upgrade to wireless ones. The deal’s good on iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Pros through September 18th.

The latest iteration of the Motorola Moto X should roll out next Tuesday. says leaked pictures indicate a 5.5 inch screen and a front facing flash for selfies. It’s also rumored to have a fingerprint sensor integrated into the bottom speaker, and there may be a version with dual SIM cards to allow for multiple numbers.

Big Savings on Moto 360 Smart Watch

Motorola’s next generation smartwatch has been spotted in the wild, and should be out shortly. Now, says the Moto 360 has dropped to $165 at Google’s store. It’s a great looking and working Android smartwatch at 85 bucks off the regular price. reports that Apple has patented a system that uses contextual information like current time zone, ringer silence status, battery life, location and cell network strength to let friends know you’re available for calls. Yes, it IS opt-in!

Google said last month that it was planning a small wireless service that would operate like existing carriers. According to business, you’d pay a flat rate for talk and text, and pay by the gigabyte, and could switch phones without a sim card.

Motorola Testing Next Gen Moto 360 ‘Smelt’

Motorola is testing a possible successor to the Moto 360 smart watch. says it’s code named Smelt (the present watch was ‘Minnow’.) The prototype is running Android 5.1, and has 360×360 screen resolution. The prototype looks to have a different case, and is rumored to be released in September. reports that Microsoft has announced updates to the Skype and Skype Qik apps. Both get a new layout, 8 new video effects, support for 12 new languages, and most importantly…more emoji!

Sad news for netizens…the internet doesn’t make you smarter, you only think it does! According to, research from Yale published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology shows that we are blurring the boundary between our own internal knowledge, and material easily looked up with search engines. Transactive memory was already known when people share information and memories between roommates, family, and the like…now we can add the computer to the equation.

Freshened Moto E Budget Phone Gets LTE & a Bigger Screen

Motorola has rolled out a freshened Moto E. According to the, it has LTE, a 4.5 inch screen, more storage, and a faster processor. The budget Moto smartphone gets a small price bump from last year’s model, now $149. You can pick up the old model without 4G LTE for $119.

It’s been out for iOS for a month, but Twitter has dropped it’s ‘while you were out’ feature for Android. reports it posts a recap of top tweets you may have missed from accounts you follow. If you aren’t interested, it hides with just a click.

There’s a new perk for Uber riders. says you can now earn points at upscale Starwood hotels and resorts. It’s a point or more for every buck spent on Uber. You have to be enrolled in the Starwood Preferred Guest program to qualify.

Motorola Makes Some Strong Smartphone Gains

They’re not up there with the big boys like Apple and Samsung, but Motorola did sell 10 million smartphones last quarter. says that’s up 118 percent! Lenovo says the division will be profitable in a year and a half.

Apparently, Sprint isn’t the only company interested in some of Radio Shack’s 4000 locations. According to, Amazon is looking at dipping its toe into brick and mortar retail. It could show off it’s mobile and living room gadgets with the locations, which could also serve as a physical pick up and drop off for packages.

Citing 3 studies, Google’s Nest claims the learning thermostat pays for itself in less than 2 years with savings on heating and cooling. TechCrunch says heating costs dropped by an average 10-12 percent, cooling by 15 percent.