Radiation Free Cancer Scans Coming?

Preliminary testing shows that an MRI with diagnostic dye may work as well as PET and CT scans for spotting cancer. This is particularly important for kids and young people, since their cells are still growing and dividing quickly. Cnet.com says some of the research is happening at Stanford. The new method uses an iron supplement, and found 158 tumors in 8 to 33 year olds, compared to 163 using the more common PET/CT scan combination.

The US keeps winning with data, and not in a good way…thenextweb.com picked up a report from OpenSignal that shows that the good ol’ USA is second slowest in 4G download speeds. Australia is the fastest, mate.

Computerworld.com says Microsoft has dropped a temporary fix for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 that patches a vulnerability a couple hacker groups found. It’s a one click ‘fix it’ solution patch. Do you actually know anyone that still uses Internet ‘Exploder?’


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