Finally…Wearables That Look Like Jewelry

There’s a new company named Cuff that’s taking preorders for metal and leather bracelets that hold a small messaging device. According to, they’ll sell for $35 for leather to $125 for metal ones, and all hold the dubiously named Blootooth ‘Cuff Linc.’ The device is really only capable of notifications, but aesthetically, it’s a step in the right direction.

More has filtered out about Samsung’s imminent Galaxy S-5 smartphone. says it will have a bigger 5.2 inch screen with higher resolution than Apple’s Retina display, plus improved battery and camera. It rolls out on the 24th.

Over at Apple, reports that iOS 7.1 will be out around the middle of March. One big add…better Mobile Device Management for companies and educational organizations to manage large numbers of i-devices.

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