Apple Publishes First AI Paper; Google Pixel Owners Seeing Problems; Lots More Tech IPOs in 2017

Aside from some cryptic words from CEO Tim Cook, Apple hasn’t said much about AI…even though they have a team working on that, as well as VR and AR. Now, reports that Apple AI team members have been allowed to publish a paper on digital images, and how AI can be used to decipher and understand digital images…kind of like Siri or Photos facial recognition, but more advanced. A big challenge appears to be that the AI does well with computer generated images, but not so well on real world objects and pictures. It figures. Stay tuned.

People are generally happy with the new Google Pixel phones…Google’s first phone it designed from the ground up..BUT…some are reporting problems. According to, a growing number have reported the phones freezing up for minutes at a time for no apparent reason. A hard reboot clears the problem if you don’t want to just wait and stare at your phone. Other issues include alarms that won’t ring, the inability to play music or video content, and in some cases, the inability to make or even receive calls. So far, only a few hundred phones seem to be affected.

The year 2016 was pretty stingy as far as tech IPOs go….there were only 13, according to There may be enough pent up demand to see between 30 and 50 initial public offerings in the tech sector in 2017. Depending on what the incoming administration does with rules that separate investment bankers and equity research analysts could bump it even more…but might steer us towards another bubble like the dot com one…buckle up.


Radiation Free Cancer Scans Coming?

Preliminary testing shows that an MRI with diagnostic dye may work as well as PET and CT scans for spotting cancer. This is particularly important for kids and young people, since their cells are still growing and dividing quickly. says some of the research is happening at Stanford. The new method uses an iron supplement, and found 158 tumors in 8 to 33 year olds, compared to 163 using the more common PET/CT scan combination.

The US keeps winning with data, and not in a good way… picked up a report from OpenSignal that shows that the good ol’ USA is second slowest in 4G download speeds. Australia is the fastest, mate. says Microsoft has dropped a temporary fix for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 that patches a vulnerability a couple hacker groups found. It’s a one click ‘fix it’ solution patch. Do you actually know anyone that still uses Internet ‘Exploder?’

You Won’t Read This

You know those things you re-tweet and re-post on Facebook, and articles you sure in other ways? According to the, Chartbeat has found that there’s essentially no correlation between social shares and people actually reading them! In fact, a lot of people actually share material they haven’t even read themselves! We’ve become a headline society!

For those still reading….or actually reading, there’s Rbutr, which has been used for years as a kind of peer review system for the Internet…letting users follow rebuttals in web pages. says Rbutr was added to Firefox as well as Chrome, and now Rbutr has built a platform independent toolbar, making it easier for anyone to access the service. Just add to the start of any URL. No plugin required.

It looks like mirroring your Android mobile device to your big screen is about to happen. The makers of media casting app Allcast are working on an app, and reports that Google may be also working on this, since a menu item for it briefly appeared on some peoples’ Android devices last week.