Google Glass Will sell What You Look At, and TiVo Launches New Boxes

You have to give Google credit for creativity…there’s an unique patent from Google…which has promised no ads with GoogleGlass. The WILL sell your pay per gaze…Google will sell how many times, and how long you look at branded content! Sneaky!

TiVo has a new set of boxes with the moniker Roamio that will record 6 shows at once and will have wifi (finally.) Amazingly, previous TiVo boxes didn’t have wifi…you had to drop an additional 90 bucks for an adapter for that. The two top models, the Plus and the Pro, will also send shows to your mobile devices that are on the same network. The prices range from $200-$600 depending on memory and features. The $600 Pro will hold 450 hours of HD content.

Apple has patented a way to control your devices with 3D gestures…by just moving your hand or fingers above the screen. This could be great for working with a CAD program where you need to design and tweak 3D objects. You will probably need to wear those horrible 3D glasses to use that feature, however.

With all the tablets and phablets going mini, Samsung is trying to expand the other way, too. They are planning to drop a massive 12 inch screen tablet in October as part of the Galaxy Note family. It will reportedly have an LCD display with better than HD resolution.

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