GM Wireless Phone Charging in Cars & Google Location Security

If you’ve hunted for that charging cord in your car, General Motors may be bringing out just what you need. GM is going to start offering wireless charging for smartphones in some cars next year. The real question is why didn’t someone do this a couple of years ago?

Apple has filed a patent for a system for you to check another user’s iPhone status….whether they’re available to talk or not before you try to call…it’s much like the “away” feature of IM clients. At least you’ll know that people aren’t going to answer before you go to the trouble of trying to call! Of course, there are those people we all know that NEVER answer a call or text anyway!

Google is working on location dependent security for your phone…it would relax security if you’re at home, and lock things down tighter in public…it works using the location services already in smartphones. You could also relax security for a second area…like work. It’s a simpler, and perhaps more elegant way to protect the security of your phone…Apple’s sapphire fingerprint reader button notwithstanding!

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