Samsung Watch Phone, & Google Encrypting Your Cloud Data

Samsung is reportedly going to introduce a smart watch called Galaxy Gear next month. It will make calls, handle email, and surf the web. It’s due to be unveiled September 4th, stealing some thunder from Apple’s iPhone 5S introduction on the 10th.

KGI securities…usually well connected and reliable on matters Apple…is saying the new iPhone 5S will not only offer a gold tone color in addition to black and white (really more of a silver), it will be available with a generous 128 gigs of memory and a better camera aperture.

If you use Google’s Cloud Storage, you should know that Google will encrypt its Cloud Storage by default. The user can choose to hold the keys or let Google do it. It’s free, uses the same level of security as Google itself uses, and old data will be encrypted in the next few months. For those feeling particularly insecure about having sensitive data stored online, this will offer a level of reassurance.

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