Smartphones Pass Dumbphones, a REALLY Dumb Phone, & More

Here in the US, and especially the Bay Area, it seems everyone has a smartphone. There’s a Gartner study showing that smartphones just passed up dumb phones in the second quarter of this year. 79% run Android.

Hard to believe, but says Samsung is still working on a folding phone…remember those? Pictures have leaked out of the Galaxy Folder. It has duel LOW resolution displays. Really?

The Google Play Store is up 67% the last 6 months, compared to a 15% bump at Apple’s App Store. A lot of that growth is in Asia. Apple’s market is still much bigger, though.

If you like to shoot good pictures, be watching for an amazing add-on from Sony. It’s a 20 megapixel camera that attaches to your Android or iPhone, and is controlled by the phone over Bluetooth. It has a 10 power zoom, Carl Zeiss optics. It has an SD card slot, and wifi so you can export your pictures easily. They’re saying it will be out soon…no price range yet. No more schlepping the DSLR, but same picture quality? I’m in.

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