Breathalyzer Watch, Facebook WiFi, & More

Dick Tracy had his 2-way wrist radio. Now, Gizmodo is reporting about a watch that tells you if you’re too drunk to drive. The watch, from Tokyoflash, has a breathalyzer…blow into the side, and if it turns red…call a cab. It’s $100 direct from Tokyoflash the next 2 days. Taking a look at, Facebook is expanding it’s Facebook wifi to cafes in Palo Alto and San Francisco. It’s free…kind of. The catch…you check in through Facebook, so they have your location data to sell. At, they’re talking about why no company really wants to buy Nokia right now, despite rumors that either Microsoft or a Chinese cell phone maker is about to. The problem…Nokia is really a feature phone maker, not a smartphone maker, and featurephone sales are declining.

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