Seen on Tech Blogs

Here are a few things you may have missed this week that have been written about on some of the technology blogs. We’ve all heard a lot about 3D printing lately…including a library in Silicon Valley that is making one available. Now, says Amazon is getting ready to make 3D printing available for everyone…with a store for 3D printers and accessories.

Showing up on’s radar is a story that says Google actually sends the NSA requested information by secure FTP or courier…the old school way…and that there’s no back door to its servers. Who needs a back door, when they will send info to the NSA when asked? says thousands of tech, finance, and manufacturing companies work closely with US national security agencies, providing sensitive information, and in return getting benefits including access to classified intelligence. Free enterprise at work? You be the judge of that.

Checking, your personal online data is being sold to marketers for a pittance…your basic age, gender, and location info goes for as low as 50 cents per thousand people. I feel so cheap.


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