Galaxy Tabs, School Bing, & More

New Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablets are coming out July 7th…the cheapest will be an amazing $199…but don’t expect much memory or a Hi Def screen at that price. Getting into the grade school and middle school market worked for Apple years ago…so Microsoft is giving it a try. Microsoft’s Bing for schools will strip out ads, and beef up privacy protections and adult content filtering. The opt in program gives Bing an entry into the grade and middle school market. Will kids use it at home and later, or will they just go right back to Google? Time will tell. It’s not an avalanche, but audio component manufacturing is returning to the US from Asia…and not just the high end, nosebleed priced equipment…some of the gear is priced as low as $99. Manufacturing coming BACK to the US? When was the last time you heard that?

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