You Won’t Read This

You know those things you re-tweet and re-post on Facebook, and articles you sure in other ways? According to the, Chartbeat has found that there’s essentially no correlation between social shares and people actually reading them! In fact, a lot of people actually share material they haven’t even read themselves! We’ve become a headline society!

For those still reading….or actually reading, there’s Rbutr, which has been used for years as a kind of peer review system for the Internet…letting users follow rebuttals in web pages. says Rbutr was added to Firefox as well as Chrome, and now Rbutr has built a platform independent toolbar, making it easier for anyone to access the service. Just add to the start of any URL. No plugin required.

It looks like mirroring your Android mobile device to your big screen is about to happen. The makers of media casting app Allcast are working on an app, and reports that Google may be also working on this, since a menu item for it briefly appeared on some peoples’ Android devices last week.