Getting Rid of Those Pesky ‘Selfie’ Reflections in Photos Shot Through Glass

Just about everyone has grabbed a shot from their smartphone through a window, or with a window behind your subject, and there’s that unwanted reflection of you holding your phone reflected in the background, or even partly obscuring the subject of your picture. According to, a team at MIT has come up with an algorithm that removes those reflections from your shots! It’s in the initial stages, but should be a boon once it’s perfected.

There have already been a couple of cameras that replace your peep hole in your front door, but now there’s a Kickstarter called Peeple…with two ‘e’s,’ that goes beyond that. says it activates when someone knocks, and shoots a video, then sends you a mobile notification. The gadget easily attaches to the inside of your peep hole, and is removable, so even renters can use it. Since it sleeps until there’s a knock, the battery should be good for 6 months.

More Picture Space For Your Smartphone

If you take a lot of selfies, and are always running out of space, there’s a new app called PhotoShrinker. says it’s out for iOS and Android, and will compress your photos to a tenth their original size, making room for more. The shrunken pix look fine online, etc. but save a normal copy for any you intend to make large, actual prints from. reports that the iPhone 6 is outselling the larger 6 Plus by a 3 to one margin in the US. The study comes from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. The average storage size is now 48 gigs, which shows that more people are buying the 64 gig and 128 gig models…which means more profit for Apple.

A nice feature in the latest Kindle software just being pushed out… says Family Library lets people with Amazon accounts linked to family members share ebooks others have downloaded.

Selfie iPhone Planned?

Don’t expect it on the iPhone 6, but says Apple has patented a front facing camera that lurks inside the speaker port and has a flash. Your selfies will be amazing!

If you are going overseas, and want to check out places on Yelp, the updated iOS app will translate reviews on the fly. reports the translation is powered by Bing.

People may file business cards, or toss them in a drawer. notes that a Kickstarter called SwivelCard is perforated, and has a USB interface…users plug it in, and it loads your website. They’re $289 for 200, and ship in October.