Increased Storage in Next-Gen iPhones

Apple is apparently talking about returning to Samsung for memory in the next iteration of iPhones. says they aren’t looking to go over 128 gigs, but will drop the 16 gig model, making 32 gigabytes the entry level memory in the iPhone 6S models. It was already reported that Samsung is supplying the A9 processors. The killer feature that we know of as the phones have entered early production is Force Touch, ported from the Apple Watch.

Microsoft has sold some Bing maps assets to Uber, and along with them, around 100 data collection engineers that worked on Bing. reports that Uber was already bulking up in the mapping department, having bought mapping software company deCarta in March. Uber has been relying on Google Maps in their app up to now.

The Edge Is Pushing Samsung Galaxy S6 Sales Up Dramatically

Samsung is expected to raise guidance on the new Galaxy S6 by almost 50%…from 35-40 million smartphones to 50-55 million this year..due to the new Edge model. picked up that figure from usually reliable KGI Securities.

In the wake of Microsoft renegotiating a search deal with Yahoo, reports that Bing’s desktop search share in the US has edged past 20% for the first time. Google still dominates search with 64.4% of the market, though.

Speaking of Microsoft, they’ve patented a way to use ultraviolet light to disinfect filthy touchscreens. According to, UV light runs from a source on the side of the screen through a new transparent film on the screen’s surface.

Google’s Bringing Back Google Wallet

Google is apparently getting set to revive Google Wallet to compete with Apple Pay. says they are in talks with banks, carriers, and handset makers, and plan to re-launch Wallet at Google I/O in late May. A fly in the ointment may be Samsung…which just this week acquired LoopPay to roll their own mobile payment service.

According to, Apple will open iOS to public testing, like the beta program they reinstated on Macs with Yosemite. iOS 8.3, with support for CarPlay, new emoji, and simpler Google logins will be out in beta form the middle of next month. Apple will reportedly accept 100,000 beta testers.

Bing, the Avis of search, has added a couple features to lure more users. reports that you can now check out hotel info and reviews right from the search results. Even better, there’s a new ‘order online’ button with the restaurant listings, so you can place orders for take out through services like eat24 right from your browser.

Will Apple Replace Google for Search On iPhones Next Year?

A big fight behind the scenes over your iPhone. says Apple’s deal with Google is up next year, and Yahoo and Microsoft are scrapping to become the default search engine. Siri already relies on Bing for its (or her) search results!

Would you like to get $550 trade-in for your iPhone? Blackberry is offering up to that amount to switch to a Blackberry Passport. reports it varies by model, and $150 of it is on a Visa prepaid card, from December through next February.

The Gear VR virtual reality visor is just a start, and more joint Oculus and Samsung products are coming. says that’s according to Oculus CEO Brendan Iribe.He declined to be specific, except to hint about ‘storytelling.’

Selfie iPhone Planned?

Don’t expect it on the iPhone 6, but says Apple has patented a front facing camera that lurks inside the speaker port and has a flash. Your selfies will be amazing!

If you are going overseas, and want to check out places on Yelp, the updated iOS app will translate reviews on the fly. reports the translation is powered by Bing.

People may file business cards, or toss them in a drawer. notes that a Kickstarter called SwivelCard is perforated, and has a USB interface…users plug it in, and it loads your website. They’re $289 for 200, and ship in October.