Galaxy Note 8 To One Up iPhone 7 Plus Cams; Flash will (Finally) Go Bye-Bye; Roku Bests Chromecast in Users

The Galaxy Note 8 may be about to better the flagship feature on Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus…the dual lens camera. reports that Samsung wanted to put the feature on the Galaxy S8, but instead opted for the Note. Like with Apple, the Note will have a regular and telephoto lens. Samsung will have a 3x optical zoom on the Note, where Apple only has 2x, and will include optical image stabilization on the telephoto as well as main lens, which Apple doesn’t. They also are making the wide angle lens 13 megapixel, while Apple shoots with 12 megapixels on both lenses…a negligible difference, but enough to tout as a feature.

It’s been a long, slow death, but Adobe is finally pulling the plug on Flash, probably the most frequently compromised software on anyone’s computer. says it won’t happen until 2020, but at least there is an end date to the problematic software that Steve Jobs panned back in 2009! Most all major browsers support HTML5, and many disable Flash Player by default already. Bye, Flash…we won’t miss you.

According to info from eMarketer picked up by, Roku pulls in around 40 million people in the US per month. This gives them 23% of connected TV users, easing past Google’s Chromecast with 22% and Amazon Fire TV with 21. Apple TV is an anemic 7%. The big number is 37%….that’s how many just watch via smart TVs. Mine isn’t even all that new, but has dedicated Netflix and Amazon buttons on the remote, and was dead simple to set up.


Santa Could Leave Your VR Headset Under the Tree has picked up on a report from GForGames that Samsung will release it’s Gear VR virtual reality headset in December, possibly December 1st. It will sell for less than $200, and pairs with the Galaxy Note 4.

Adobe has introduced Premiere Clip, a streamlined video editor for iPhone and the iPad. It’s intended for anyone, not just pros. says it syncs back to the desktop version for easier touching up later.

iOS 8 is now on 45% of Apple’s devices according to By comparison, iOS 7 was at 70% at this point, based on analytics from Mixpanel, which tracks mobile app usage. Of course, Apple has never released two smartphones at once, either, one of which has about a month’s backlog.