iPhone Passes Android in US; Ireland Fines Instagram; Google Chrome Flaw; EU Pushes Smartphone Support & Repair

Just before Apple releases the latest batch of iPhones, they have something new to brag about. According to engadget.com, Counterpoint Research finds that the iPhone overtook all Android handsets put together and came out on top, garnering a 50% share of the US smartphone market in June. Apple’s gigantic ‘active installed base’ helped making this possible. That grouping includes people using an iOS device after buying or obtaining it used (like a hand-me-down to your kid.) As of early 2022, Android held 70% market Share in the US. It’s unlikely Google is worried…Android buries Apple’s phones in sheer numbers in most of the world.

Instagram has been fined $402 million by Ireland’s Data Protection Commission after an investigation into how it handled the data of teens. Theverge.com reports that full details of the decision will be out this week. One issue was that Instagram was allowing teens 13-17 to set up business accounts on IG (they have more engagement analytics.) Business accounts, however, made the users’ contact information publicly available. Instagram also made the accounts of some young users public by default. Instagram parent Meta had previously been fined $267 million for data sharing on WhatsApp and $18 million for data breaches on WhatsApp.

There’s a Google ‘zero day’ flaw that affects the browser on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Zdnet.com says the newly disclosed flaw is being actively exploit by cyberattacks. Google has released a patch, and Chrome users are advised to install the patch immediately when the browser reminds you to update. If you don’t have it already, the patch should be available in the next few days. Google is withholding specifics on the bug, to prevent even more cyber crooks from exploiting it. 

EU lawmakers are pressing for a set of standard Android updates like the ones Google offers on the Pixel 6. According to 9to5google.com, the EU is pushing to make Google support Android devices for at least 5 years…up from the current 2-3 years. They are also pushing for brands to offer repair parts and service for at least 5 years. Maybe even a bigger deal…batteries would have to keep 83% of rated capacity after 500 charge cycles, and 80% after 1,000 cycles. The Germans would go even further…requiring 7 years of support for phones. 


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