Apple Reality Pro; Samsung Data Breach; Google- $20 Million To Computer Sci in Schools; AI to Predict EV Battery Degradation

Patent sleuths have already spotted a trademark application from Apple called ‘Reality Pro,’ so we know what they will be calling their augmented and virtual reality headsets. Now, says Mark Gurman has written that there will be at least 3 of the AR or VR headsets…up from the two most people expected. The first one will be a ‘high end rival’ to Meta’s upcoming Quest Pro headset, and may drop in January. A second device is thought to be a lower priced model.The third is the expected augmented reality glasses…which Gurman and other Apple watchers think is still several years away. Apple also applied for trademarks for Reality Processor’ and ‘Reality One.’

It seems like there is one of these almost daily, but now Samsung has notified customers of a ‘cybersecurity’ incident dating from late July. According to, the breach exposed names, contact and demographic information, dates of birth, and product registration information. Fortunately, no social security numbers or credit card numbers were part of the breach. Samsung didn’t specify how many people had their info leaked, but if you got a notice… check your credit and financial info.

Google is dropping $20 million in the education sector, in an effort to bring computer science education to 11 million students. This brings the total the company has donated to further computer science to over $240 million. reports that some of the money will go to the Oakland based nonprofit The Hidden Genius project. Other nonprofits around the country in major cities will also get part of the funds.

Since electric vehicles are essentially rolling computers with giant battery packs, a healthy battery system is a pretty major concern. We all know from our computers and phones that lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. Now, says the European Union has a team working on using artificial intelligence to predict aging in EV batteries. Maybe more importantly to users, the AI is supposed to help with developing software to mitigate aging effects and prolong the life of the expensive battery packs in electric vehicles. 


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