Amazon Circles Back to Books; Colorful Galaxy Z Flip 4; Twitter Tests Multi-Image Tweets; TikTok Music

In something of a throwback, Amazon is suddenly running an ad campaign to sell…books! Yes, it’s not Whole Foods, nor healthcare…as the online giant tries to acquire One Medical. reports that Amazon is dropping a large sum into the campaign to get you to buy more books…the very thing the company started with! As yet, no one has figured out why the push for their original product category, but hey…reading can expand the mind!

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will go on sale August 10th, along with the Fold 4 and the Galaxy Watch 5 series. If you haven’t decided you need a folding phone yet, Samsung is trying to entice you with a riot of colors. According to, in addition to 4 ‘primary’ colors…blue, Bora Purple, Graphite, and Pink Gold, you will be able to mix and match with Green, Navy, Red, Yellow, and White…for a total of 70…count ‘em 70…color combos. The colors can be applied to either the top or bottom of the phone. If the 4 is priced like the Flip 3, it should run you about $999.

Twitter is testing letting users post multiple images, videos, and GIFs into a single Tweet. says you can even re-order the media before firing off the Tweet into the ether. The test run is only with ‘select accounts for a limited time.’ It does allow up to 4 media assets in one Tweet. Presumably, if the feature works well enough, and is liked by the test accounts, they will release it to the public. 

In a move uncovered by Insider, apparently TikTok filed to trademark ‘TikTok Music’ in May. reports that it would allow users to purchase, play, share and download music. Considering how disruptive TikTok has been to social media, this could cause the folks at Spotify and Apple Music to lose some sleep. TikTok owner ByteDance has already danced around the music biz, having launched music streaming app Resso in India, Brazil, and Indonesia back in 2020. Right now, no one knows if they are just going to rebrand that app, or launch a completely new one. 


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