Google Maps-Aerial 3D View; Microsoft Ignite In-Person Again; Meta Boosts Prices on Quest 2; Google Cam Video to Cops-Same as Ring’s

It’s not ready for prime time yet, but Google is giving us a peek at their 3D ‘immersive view’ now. reports that the preview is coming in an update to Maps for Android and iOS that is rolling out now. You will be able to view around 100 famous landmarks like Alcatraz here in San Francisco Bay, as well as Big Ben in London and the Empire State Building in New York City. It marries AI with billions of images (including satellite and street view pics) to make realistic 3D views. To use it, just look for a landmark in Google Maps and visit the Photos section.

After over 2 years off due to the coronavirus, Microsoft will resume live, in person events this October with Microsoft Ignite. According to, the annual conference for developers and IT pros will be in Seattle on October 12th through the 14th. Registration will open late next month. The event will fall just a few days before the 10th anniversary or Surface, so expect some new product announcements.

If you have been considering buying a Quest 2 virtual reality headset, better act fast…Meta is jacking up the price on August 1st. says the base model will go up $100  from $299 to $399. The 256 Gig version is bumped from $399 to $499. Meta says it is having to raise the tariff due to increased production costs. 

It’s been known, and complained about with regard to Amazon’s Ring cams, and now were are finding out that…perhaps unsurprisingly…Google has given cam footage to police without a warrant or express permission of the owners, too. This year so far, they have only done so 11 times, according to a vice president of Amazon. The disclosure came due to questioning from Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts. Privacy advocates like the EFF have warned that this sort of warrantless release of cam footage endangers civil liberties. 


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