Netflix-LIVE Streaming; Apple AirPods & Batteries Getting USB-C; Uber Eats Trialing Autonomous Robotic Deliveries; McLaren Will Race Formula E

Last week, we reported that Netflix is probably going to get their cheaper, ad-supported tier by 4th quarter of this year, and plans to crack down on password sharing. Now, according to, the streaming giant is looking at another major change. Netflix may be diving into LIVE streaming! They would probably start with unscripted reality shows and comedy specials. No word on whether they are willing to pay the huge fees to live stream to the biggest potential live audience of all…live sports…but don’t be surprised if that happens. 

It appears that Apple will be going all the way into USB-C, with the word that they will probably switch to that in the 2023 iPhones. reports that an investor note from famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also has Apple going with USB-C for their MagSafe battery packs, AirPods, and other accessories. No more paying through the nose for the pricey and fragile Apple cords when your Lightening connector cord frays near the end. As we reported earlier concerning the iPhones, this is all being driven by the EU, which is requiring it…and thereby dragging Apple into the ecosystem already occupied by everyone else. MacBooks, MacBook Pros, Mac desktops, and iPads have already switched over to USB-C.

We have heard rumblings for the last few years, and even seen some little robots tooling down sidewalks in videos, delivering groceries or food. Now, Uber Eats has announced that they are trialing a couple of autonomous delivery pilots in L.A. According to, they will partner with Serve Robotics, a sidewalk delivery startup, and Motional, an autonomous vehicle tech firm. You may either feel its exciting or creepy that your Uber Eats order might be arriving in a self-driving car, and then tool over to your front door in a little delivery robot! For the Uber Eats trial, Serve will be handling shorter trips in West Hollywood. Motional will do longer distance deliveries in Santa Monica. 

Mercedes-Benz is bowing out of Formula E…the electric vehicle formula competition, but never fear…McLaren Racing is jumping in to that rarified racing circuit. reports that McLaren, which already races EVs in Extreme E and the IndyCar series, will be a formidable competitor. The Mercedes connection? McLaren is taking over the  Mercedes-EQ operation. It will be based in England, along with the Mercedes-AMG F1 team. As with other manufacturers, Mercedes has noted that their exit is due to the inability to convert the racing tech to tech useable in their car lines. McLaren hasn’t said what they will be powering their entries with, but one rumor has it that they may turn to Magneti Marelli. 


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