iPhone 15 Getting USB-C; Tesla Recalls 130,000; Sony Xperia 1 IV Telephoto; Galaxy Z Fold 4 Ultra Rumor

Only because the European Union is pretty well making them, but at last Apple will switch from Lightning to USB-C on iPhones in 2023. Macrumors.com reports that the word is coming from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says the launch will come in mid 2023. Apple already uses USB-C on MacBook Pros, iPads, and basically the rest of their line. The switch will improve transfer speeds and also charging speeds (for those who don’t charge wirelessly. Previously, it had been thought that Apple would hold out until they could drop the port entirely, and just use their wireless MagSafe system to charge and transfer files. 

On another Apple note, it’s time to say bye to the venerable iPod. Apple will sell off the remaining Touches at $199, and that’s it. Hardly anyone buys the things now, as your Phone can do everything an iPod Touch can and more. Some 22 years ago, it was an amazing device, though..which at one time threw off 35% of Apple’s revenue. Bye, old friend (you probably have one in a drawer somewhere.) If you have an original with the click wheel…those are bringing several hundred online right now. 

It’s a drag when your touchscreen blacks out…I know, it happened to me on my present ride a few years ago. It was irritating to have the music drop and guidance gone until the thing rebooted, but the manufacturer replaced it under warranty, so all was well. Now, according to theverge.com, Tesla is recalling 130,000 cars due to the CPU in the infotainment systems overheating during fast charging, and the screens going blank. Tesla is pushing out an over the air update. Cars include 2022 Model 3 and Model Y, and 2021 and 2022 Model X and Model S. In some cases, the screens have just lagged, and not faded to black entirely. As noted by NHTSA, this issue could prevent drivers from using their backup cam, shifting using the touchscreen, as well as from adjusting the speed of their windshield wipers (some Tesla models adjust windshield wiper speeds automatically and only house manual speed controls in the central touchscreen). 

Sony is going big(ger) on cameras for its upcoming flagship smartphone, the Xperia 1 IV. Engadget.com says they will rock what they term the “world’s first true optical 85-125mm zoom lens,” along with true 4K at 120fps, livestreaming and external monitor capabilities and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 mobile platform chip. It will be a periscope type zoom lens, as Huawei has had for several years, and the lenses will use Zeiss optics. Not many people in the US have Sony phones, but note that Apple gets a lot of their camera hardware from Sony, and Apple is rumored to be getting a periscope physical telephoto zoom NEXT year…so Sony will have the feature in their phones exclusively for a year before Apple gets the tech. The Xperia has a 6.5 inch screen, and numerous other features. It’s out September 1st, with the eye-watering price of $1600. Preorders are open today for a limited time. 

Meanwhile, over at Samsung, a leak shows off the design of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. 9to5google.com reports that there is no radical change, but the camera module is different….instead of a big square or rectangular protrusion, only the actual lenses will stick out of the casing on the back of the phone….like the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It will be bit thicker than the Fold 3, but Samsung has managed to reduce the weight of this foldable phone to less than an iPhone 13 Pro. That will make a notable difference for when you are holding it for a while…like if you are shooting a video. Expect the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in August, barring any surprise issues.


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