Android with MS Teams? Update NOW!; TSMC Looking to Build Chip Plant in Germany; Twitter Asks Court to Toss Trump Lawsuit; Ford to Triple Production of Mustang Mach E EV

This is a RED ALERT if you are using Microsoft Teams on an Android phone. Hit the Google Play store now, and update the app! reports that a weird combo of bugs in the Teams app will keep Android phones with OS version 10 or later at risk of not being able to make 911 calls! The issue happens when you have Teams installed but you are not logged in. Note that if you call 911, it appears to go through…even rings once…but NEVER connects with emergency services. You can uninstall the Teams app, then re-install and log in as a work around, but its best to just download the Microsoft update. Do it now!

Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) is in talks to build a new chip plant in Germany. The chip maker already has a plant in the works in Arizona. According to, talks are in progress with the German Government. As yet, they haven’t decided where in the country such a plant might be built. Besides this potential plant, and the one they are building in the US, TSMC is also building a factory in Japan. The US one is furthest along…it should be cranking out chips for Apple and other say early 2024. 

Twitter has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Ex-President Trump over free speech. says the suit misinterprets and threatens the company’s First Amendment free speech rights. The company notes that it is a private company and is NOT obligated to host speech it doesn’t like or that violates its rules. Letting the suit continue would challenge ‘bedrock principles of Constitutional Law.’ The Trump legal team paints Twitter as a ‘state actor,’ citing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The Department of Justice has stated that such interpretation is misplaced, and that Section 230 only is intended to protect against liability, not regulate speech like the Trump legal team has claimed.

Ford is claiming ‘incredible demand’ for its new Mustang Mach E EV, and will triple production. reports that Dearborn will boost worldwide production of EVs to 600,000 units by 2023. That includes not only the Mustang, but also the F-150 Lightening and commercial E-transit vans. For the Mustang Mach E alone, Ford says they expect to sell 200,000+ units a year in North American and Europe by 2023, which is triple the current travel rate.


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