Facebook ‘Professional Mode’; Twitter Tests Revised Reporting System; Over 200 Newspapers Seeing Google & Facebook; Razer’s MagSafe iPhone Cooling Fan

Facebook has rolled out a new ‘professional mode’ for profiles that allows what they term ‘eligible creators’ to earn money without the need to create a separate Page. Engadget.com reports that the feature is part of the company’s parent Meta’s billion dollars investment in creators. That fund also includes bonuses for Instagram influencers…and and expansion of the Stars program. The biggest feature of professional mode profiles is the addition of the Reels Play bonus program that allows creators to earn up to $35,000 a month based on views of qualifying reels (videos). Previously, that program was only open to users with Pages. It’ll be invitation-only for professional profiles to start with. Facebook is planning to add the ability to create longer, 60 second reels, save drafts mid-creation and create compositions from multiple clips. No time frame has been given for those features yet. NOTE: Once you turn on professional mode, anyone can follow you and see your public content in their feed. However, you’ll still be able to limit specific posts or updates to friends only.

Twitter is testing out a new system affecting how users report Tweets that they think might break Twitter’s rules. According to techcrunch.com, one of the biggest changes is that users won’t be asked to specify what policy they think is being violated. The user gives Twitter info, and Twitter uses automated systems to determine what, if any, rule is being broken by the Tweet. One objective is to try to eliminate harassment by some trolls who have used Twitter’s reporting feature to hassle legitimate journalists and commentators that they just disagree with.

For years, platforms like Google and Facebook have republished material reported by newspapers and organizations worldwide with no compensation or even credit to the sources. Now, axios.com says over 200 newspapers…some of which are part of large media groups…have sued, alleging that Facebook and Google have monopolized the digital ad market for ad revenue that would otherwise go to local news. Some heavy hitter antitrust litigators are involved, and taking the cases on contingent fees, so this could get interesting. They intend to ‘recover past damages to newspapers,’ and ‘establish a new system going forward in which newspapers aren’t just competitive again, but can thrive.’ The lawyers point to a law in Australia that makes tech firms pay publishers for their content. 

The ‘have to have’ item for mobile gamers os out from Razer. Ok, I kid, but check this out….it’s the Phone Cooler Chroma. The gadget is a $60 Mag Safe cooling fan that attaches to an iPhone, and keeps it cool while you are gaming. Engadget.com notes that in true Razer form, it also features RGB lighting you can control via Bluetooth. The cooling comes via a high powered 7 blade fan, which runs at a somewhat quiet 30dB. Note that you will need to plug the thing into a USB-C charger while using. 


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